I'm inviting you to accompany me on an exciting sexual adventure. To set the ball rolling I need 20 seed investors. Your up-front investment will be $185. It's important you know that before we proceed any further. Most business plans bury the cost in screeds and screeds of waffle, in fact it's often kept a secret until the end of the presentation, after they've sucked you in.

If it's an American company they'll invite you to take advantage of a "latch key", "ground floor" never to be repeated opportunity. They offer "cast iron guarantees" and if it's a franchise opportunity they're trying to sell you, you're looking at a minimum investment of $100,000.

I'm not into the bullshit. I'm a straight talking, straight shooting deviate who simply wants to get a chain of sex clubs up and running while earning a good living. I'm inviting you to play an active role in the plan. I'm talking about a private members' sex club situated right here in Sydney – (Melbourne next, then others to be opened shortly). Not a huge club, probably a flat above a shop converted into suck 'n' fuck rooms, comfortable and decadent but not flash and oppulent. You will be welcome to visit The Pussy Club any time day or night, seven days a week, and founder members (seed investors) will have a say in how the club is run and they'll have their own key to the premises.

You will have access to the new Follies Bizarre web site (launch date 1st October 2011) that is run, not by a faceless business conglomerate but by a genuine sex deviate (Me!) who will do everything possible to help you meet compatible perverts. And here's the main difference between Follies Bizarre and most other adult contact sites – all our profiles are genuine, not bogus US ads with Long Beach California changed to Bondi Beach Sydney.

Lastly, there is the opportunity to earn a substantial and reliable income by helping promote the web site and The Pussy Club. Initially I'm looking for people who can be of assistance, for example, people with experience solving web site and internet problems, business people, franchise holders, or people who have previously been involved in network marketing.

If that applies to you, the first step is to join the Follies Bizarre Meetup Group:

Follies Bizarre Meetup Group
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