UI stands for Universal Intelligence. It has nothing to do with Intelligent Design. Intelligence on its own doesn't cut it. As Voltaire said, "A man might be a brilliant mathematician or an accomplished physician, yet still believe Mohammed keeps half the moon up his sleeve." How right he was. Millions of intelligent Christians worship a walking corpse. Millions of intelligent Moslems worship a prophet who rode around on a flying horse.

Nonsense is deliberately implanted into children's minds and from that moment on it's difficult to dislodge it. They remain driven by those crazy implants their entire lives.

Atheists insist that there is no God, but what would they know? Einstein said, "xxxxxxx". Atheist are no more or less intelligent than Jews, Christians and Moslems. The only difference is that atheists have jettisoned their implants.

The perceptive person learns to overcome his or her implant. The perceptive person has a curious, searching mind. Such a person is drawn to the conclusion that we really don't know much about the great truths. Are there parallel universes? Is time as we perceive it to be, or is it something else? What was Arthur C. Clark trying to convey in the movie 2001? It was all about perception, did you get it? I don't think so. And the reason was, Clarke was trying to show that we don't know much. There might be time and space realms that we can't possibly conceive with our primitive brains.

The Buddha said that we are like chicks inside an egg trying to discern what the outside world is all about. That's how we at the Real Wild Church see it. People are so convinced that their way of looking at life is the correct way, yet they're probably way off target. Things might be very, very different to the certainties we carry in our heads.

Let's look at this thing called God. Hebrews created a deity that enjoys nothing more than slaughtering innocent people, especially children. It needs to be flattered and worshiped and generally grovelled at, or else it will kill you and yours. Christians refer to this ghastly creature as "merciful father".

Moslems call it Allah. Jews call it JHWH (but they dare not speak his name).

Seriously, can a "God" who murders children, who gives men hemorrhoids, who exposes his 'back parts', who boasts of his farts, who smears shit on people's faces, who roars and hisses and flies around dropping hot coals on people below, can such an infantile, disgusting and hideous ghoul seriously be the creator of the universe?

I'm sure that you'll agree with me here: the universe is vast. It consists of trillions of suns, planets, moons and other bits and bobs. If there is some great intelligence behind it all, could it possibly be as vicious and cruel, as petty and vindictive, as dirty and disgusting as the "God" worshiped by Jews, Christians and Moslems? The moment you engage your brain you'll agree with me that the creator of the universe has to be more advanced than the dirtiest, meanest most despicable individual you have ever met.

The "God" of the Bible is the vilest creature ever created in the minds of men. How could that possibly be? I'll tell you. The reason the Hebrew deity is the lowest of the low, a dirty filthy scumbag, is because it was conceived in the minds of ignorant savages who knew very little about anything. They convinced other ignorant savages to worship their deity and anyone who complained was murdered. Before long hundreds and then thousands and eventually millions of superstitious morons were worshiping the Hebrew spook.

Then the Jews convinced themselves that "God" wants them to grow curly sideburns. He expects them to wind a leather strap around their forearm, attach a black matchbox to their forehead, and to keep nodding. Nod, nod nod, nod, nodding. We're talking about the creator of the universe here, but not as we know it. The Jews have miniturised Universal Intelligence until it resembles a brain damaged flea.

Moslems ran with the idea and convinced themselves that "God" prefers men with unkempt facial hair, and he likes to see the women with a bit of cloth draped over their heads.

Along came Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) who dunked a racist Jew called Yeshua (Jesus) into the gumbo and before you know it there were two billion Christians and then – with the introduction of the flying horse man – one billion Moslems worshiping the Hebrew flea god.

At the Real Wild Church we don't claim to know what is, but we do know what isn't. And here's what isn't: the Hebrew deity is NOT God, is NOT the creator of the universe. It is just a piece of work manufactured in the minds of ignorant savages.

Is there such a thing as a God? Answer – we don't know. But just say there is a God, would it be possible to tune into such an energy? Possibly, no harm in trying. First we must empty our minds of learned rubbish. discard our implants. Then with dynamic meditation we notice that answers to previously unsolvable questions come to us. Our lives start to improve. Have we discovered a universal truth that's been available to humans for thousands of years? Has that truth been blocked by religious implants? If a bucket is full of concrete, you can't add gold. There's no room. Same with our brains.

We don't know exactly what it is we're in touch with. All we can say for sure is that it of enormous benefit to us and to all mankind. Help us destroy the Hebrew monstrosity and replace it with Universal Intelligence.