Jesus the Racist Megalomaniac

Bruno McCartney

Most intelligent people acknowledge that rotting corpses cannot spring back to life. Sure, you can resuscitate someone who has slipped beneath the ice but in the Mediteranian heat, once those brain cells have died and putrefied there is no way, days later, they can be re-wired and jump started.

Christians insist that through God all things are possible. Really? How come they're not praying for terminally ill children? If God is omnipotent, all they need do is wake him up, alert him to the suffering in the world and with a click of his holy fingers he'll put an end to suffering. Try it, select one terminally ill child, or better still, a child with spina bifida and pray for him or her. Get a million Christians to pray. Pray every day for a year, for ten years, or twenty.

God will let you down and you know it. And as for Jesus, he's too busy condemning non believers to hell.

So what if Jesus wasn't divine? What if he wasn't the son of god, or god incarnate? What if the miracles were originally performed by Greek, Persian, Roman and Egyptian deities? So what? Surely he was a decent man spreading love, peace and tolerance around about, wasn't he? Nothing wrong with that, surely?

Trouble is, he was none of the above. Jesus was a vicious, racist ratbag; a dangerous megalomaniac. Jesus was the only lunatic in the history of lunacy to encourage his followers to amputate their hands and gouge out their eyes. He advised men to hate their parents, brothers, sisters and children. In fact he encouraged men to desert their families. Jesus despised gentiles (YOU) so much that he was loathe to cure a sick Canaanite child because she wasn't a Jew. He made the desperate mother beg and grovel and he referred to the child a "dog".

Christians are unaware of this because they refuse to read the Bible. Why should they? They've got priests, pastors and vicars to point out which divine snippets to read. Few Christians even bother to read the 'Sermon on the Mount' which takes under ten minutes to read. That's where you'll find advice to mutilate yourselves. Obey Jesus! Don't risk the fires of hell. Get hacking and gouging, time's a wasting!

This web site features six essays, each proving that the man you admire as a decent and caring healer, was in fact a despicable scumbag who loathed people just like you – non Jews. The essays show that Christianity, far from being a religion of compassion and joy, is in fact a religion of intense cruelty and horror.

Why do I care? Why am I so passionate about exposing this man Jesus as a charlatan? Because a fanatical belief in Jesus may well be the catalyst for World War Three. With 42% the adult population of the USA looking forward to 'Armageddon', when Jesus plummets down to earth and the righteous are miraculously "raptured" up to heaven, it's a recipe for global nuclear disaster.

We have no idea how many out of that 42% born-again fuckwits are in charge of programming Pentagon or Norad computers. We don't know how many of them command nuclear submarines or fly stealth bombers. We can only guess at how many brain-frazzled Baptist boys sit in pairs down missile silos. Seeing as, according to President George Bush (senior), atheists aren't considered US citizens, the percentage would be high. Probably more than 50%. They have your life in their hands. Are you happy with that?

The spell must be broken. The blinkers must be removed. Jesus must be recognised for what he really was – an evil, dangerous lunatic. Read on if you dare.

Six Essays

"The God of hell should be held in loathing, contempt and scorn. A God who threatens eternal pain should be hated , not loved; cursed, not worshipped. A heaven presided over by such a God must be below the meanest hell."

Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1889) – Governor of Illinois, Author, Orator, Humanitarian