by Bruno McCartney

The inspiration for The Little Red Bible Book came from The Little Red School Book which raised a few eyebrows back in the early 1970s. It in turn was based on Mao Tse Tung's Little Red Book which sent Communist China into a frenzy of deity worship – the Divine Mao.

Back in the 1980s I researched, wrote and and typeset a book that was to have been called The Beastly Bible. It was based on the (New Zealand) Indecent Publications Act 1963 which threatened to ban any book that offended on the grounds of Sex, Horror, Crime, Cruelty or Violence. And I thought to myself, "Well bless my soul, the Bible offends on all five counts. I'll have a shot at getting it banned!"

There was a serious motive. I was convinced that President Ronald Reagan was planning to launch World War Three. He would do this to trigger the "second coming" of Jesus. As a father of a young child this idea both nauseated and terrified me. The thought that anyone could be mad enough to destroy all life on planet Earth simply to satisfy some wacko nightmare scenario convinced me I had to do something. I had to try and shake people out of their religious trance, especially when I learned that 42% the adult population of the USA is actually looking forward to nuclear "Armageddon".

Of course I was kidding myself, people are just not interested in preventing nuclear war. If it happens it happens. No big deal.

And yet here we are in 2012 and I persevere with the book just in case there is one chance in a thousand that it might make a difference, that it might trigger some primitive and instinctive will in the people to survive.

The Beastly Bible would have featured a (hopefully) humorous commentary from me, as well as dozens of bizarre and grotesque illustrations that I commissioned especially for the book. It would have been a mind-blower. Problem was, publishers wouldn't touch it with a barge pole and I couldn't afford to publish it myself. And so the unpublished tome has gathered dust for thirty-five years.

The entire Beastly Bible may never see the light of day, rather a shame because I put a lot of time and effort into it. Meanwhile this, the second edition of the Little Red Bible Book does at least feature the illustrations and it conveys much the same message – gods and nuclear bombs don't mix.

My main influence for this book was The Bible Handbook by Foote and Wheeler, publishers of The Freethinker magazine. And of course I studied the Bible itself. Several Bibles. I copied by hand hundreds of passages from the Bible, then I typeset them on a second hand ($18,000!) Compugraphic Editwriter. I pasted the whole lot onto cards and placed them inside two shoe boxes where they've remained ever since.

For this edition I acknowledge the assistance of The Evil Bible, The Dark Bible and the Annotated Bible, three very helpful web sites. The chapter on 'Contradictions' was prompted by the web site of The Repulsive Bible. My original book ignored contradictions because they are so numerous and I used to think that publishing contradictions was splitting hairs. But then it occurred to me, "Hang on, the Bible is supposed to be commissioned by God. He should have known the difference between seven hundred horseman and seven thousand horsemen. Do the math, God!"

Future editions of The Little Red Bible Book will owe less to those web sites and more to my original findings. Thing is, I'm seventy years old and not in the best of health. I want to get something in print before I go to meet my maker, who happens to be an orangutan. Time will tell whether a third and complete edition ever sees the light of day. What you're looking at here is an interim book, but anyway, it's something to be getting on with.


Thomas Paine

The idea of The Little Red Bible Book is to provide skeptics and atheists with an instant reference to those passages in the Bible that prove beyond all shadow of doubt that the Bible was produced not by an intelligent and merciful God, but by ignorant, cruel and sadistic savages.

Christians are fond of quoting the few good passages found in the Bible, in fact they build their whole lives around them, but they ignore the filth, the cruelty, the horror and the savagery. They'll quote Jesus saying "Love thine enemies" but fail to mention Jesus encouraging followers to hate every member of their own families. They'll tell you that God loves you but they won't mention that God enjoys nothing more than inflicting people with hemorrhoids, torturing them, murdering them, burning entire families to death, forcing mothers to boil and eat their own children.

Anyone who, after reading The Little Red Bible Book, still insists that the Bible is a "good book" is one sick fuck. If you think the Israelites were justified in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, children and babies, stealing their land and property, burning their homes and crops, kidnapping and raping little virgins, then you had better contact Lieutenant Caley and congratulate him on the My Lai massacre. The My Lai massacre (504 civilians shot) was a picnic compared to the scale of the atrocities committed by Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, Solomon, Gideon etc, acting under direct orders from your ghastly, hideous deity.

Anyone who says that God is merciful has no idea what the word "mercy" means. Anyone who believes that Jesus came to save them is in for one hellofa rude shock. Jesus deliberately withheld vital information from Gentiles (you!) so's he could watch YOU burn in hell!

Here's my challenge to Christians: name just one deity who is one percent as evil, cruel, sadistic, diabolical, disgusting and as stupid as Jehovah, the piece of maggot shit you worship. And name just one "saviour" apart from Jesus who condemns non believers (almost five billion people) and ill informed believers to an eternity spent writhing in the flames of hell. You can't.

The church has flourished for seventeen hundred years (since Constantine) by lying to the gullible masses. It promises salvation from an imaginary hell from which there is otherwise no escape. It loads you with fictitious "sin" so it has something to save you from. To avoid the fires of hell you must keep holy parasites in a perpetual state of indescribable wealth and unbridled power. It's time – way past time – for people to wake up and challenge their brainfill. I'm hoping that this, the current edition of The Little Red Bible Book, will be of assistance.

Bruno McCartney

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