Two billion THE GREAT BETRAYAL I keep hearing people talking about "The Truth" and I wonder how much money they're making out of it. When it comes to the great truths like "God" and life after death, it's anyone's guess. Any man who claims he knows God, speaks to God, or understands what God expects of us, is either a fool, a liar, or both. The Old Testament deity Yawheh (Jehovah) was the Hebrew god of hate war, misery and death – a hideous deity, completely devoid of love, decency or mercy. Christians refer to him as "merciful father" but they're stumped when asked to demonstrate their point. For every act of mercy (always conditional and grudgingly given) Jehovah committed hundreds of acts of cruelty, sadism and atrocity. It is an insult to universal intelligence to compare it to that gross, ghastly and diabolical demon – that pose god who stomps like a malevolent beast through the pages of the Old Testament. The truth is that no one knows anything about the force that governs or may govern the universe. You might say, "You're wrong, Jesus knew" but unfortunately it is you who are wrong. We know next to nothing about the Yeshua to whom you refer. He was born a Jew and he became a rabbi with a following of sorts. Not one word of what he taught has reached us because the Turkish/Roman Jew – Saul of Tarsus – insisted that his version of events, based on nothing more than a vision (probably drug induced) was the correct version; more accurate even than that of Jesus' brother James and his mother Mary. Saul claimed to know more about Jesus than anyone who had actually met, seen or heard Jesus. Saul (aka Saint Paul) insisted that Jesus engaged vegetation in conversation and cursed a fig tree to death for disobedience, advised slave owners to prolong the suffering of slaves, instructed heterosexual men to amputate a hand, gouge out an eye and slice off their testicles. He drowned two thousand pigs to cure a man of a mental disorder, and he was loathe to heal a sick child – a "dog" he called her – because she wasn't a Jew. Saul's Jesus – the Biblical Jesus – was a racist imbecile. (Chapter and verse can be found on our web site.) Saul was an educated man whereas James and Mary were illiterate, so naturally it was Saul's perverted version of events that caught on. Four scribes, whom we know nothing about, copied ideas from Saul's 'Q' gospel (which went missing), they added their own little quirky bits – hence the contradictions – and pagan 'miracles' were tossed in for effect: virgin birth, turning water into wine, walking on water, healing lepers and restoring cadavers to life, self resurrection – just like the Greek, Persian and Roman gods of old. Centuries later the so-called “gospels” were named Mark, Matthew, Luke and John and the whole fabulous lot was served up as the "Word of God”. (See over) Revelation, the only New Testament document not to receive the Saul treatment, was scribbled by a paranoid schizophrenic – crazy John of Patmos – on an exceptionally bad day. Loopy John had Jesus covered in blood with a sword protruding from his mouth, riding a stallion and murdering most of the world's population. Prior to 1672 Revelation was acknowledged to be the work of a madman but it suddenly became the "Word of God" and as such was stitched into the Bible. Why do people believe such nonsense as appears in the Bible? Fear of death, that's why. People are so frightened of dying that they'd worship pink flying elephants if they believed that gravity defying mammals could save them from death and the eternal fire. The church recognised that fact almost 2,000 years ago. The Catholic Church accumulated vast real estate, gold, jewels, art treasures and a fortune in hard currency, simply by promising gullible people salvation and everlasting life. Were Jesus to return to Earth, the first people he would condemn to hell would be the popes, pastors, cardinals, bishops priests and preachers who sodomise everything he stood for. For there's one thing we do know about the real Yeshua, not from the Bible but from the Jewish historian Josephus, Yeshua was a man of the people, a man who hated greed and detested hypocrisy. Imagine Jesus coming face to face with Cardinal George Pell, Jesus in his humble robe, Pell in his magnificent ball gown and jewel encrusted funny hat, representing a church worth trillions of dollars. The first thing Jesus would ask Pell, before casting him into the lake of eternal fire is, "How can you be so wicked as to represent an institution that stands for everything I hate, everything I fought against and died fighting?" "Why do you encourage people to pray in public when I instructed them to pray at home in private? Why vast churches and cathedrals when half the world is desperate and homeless? Why do you use my name to generate power and wealth for greedy parasites? Why do you lead a life of pomp, grandeur and privilege when I loved the poor and the meek? Why are you so wealthy when so many people are starving? Why do you drink expensive wines and liqueurs when millions of children die each year from lack of clean water? How dare you abuse me to elevate yourself through the ranks of your monstrous construction!" If he were honest Pell would stammer, "Because people are too stupid to understand things like that" and he'd be right. Maybe not "too stupid" but too lazy. People believe what they're told to believe rather than take the trouble to investigate matters for themselves. Very few Christians read the Bible. They claim to love God and love Jesus but they'd rather read Women's Weekly or Who magazine or Wheels. To hell with God, he's boring. Or they might read a brochure with the word "Truth" emblazoned across the top. They'll absorb any old nonsense provided it's free, stupid, and promises them everlasting life. The purpose of this particular brochure is to invite intelligent and thoughtful people to consider joining the first church in the history of mankind to talk sense. The first church to oppose Christian fundamentalist lunatics who relish the idea of global nuclear oblivion. You can check us out here: