by Bruno McCartney
Survival Activist

Shortly after we're born we're given a brain implant. Most of us in this part of the world receive a Christian implant. In other parts of the world people receive a Moslem implant, or a Hindu implant, or a Buddhist implant, or a Shinto implant, and so on. Our implant becomes our brainfill and it drives us for the rest of our lives.

Everybody is convinced that his/her brainfill is the correct version of events, and history shows that people are prepared to kill and die for their brainfill. The Hebrew genocide of Canaan, the Catholic Inquisition, the Crusades, the genocide of the Cathars, the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, Hitler's Holocaust*, The Jewish slaughter of Palestinians, the Serbian slaughter of Moslems, the Rwandan genocide, the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack – all these atrocities were due to erroneous brainfill. Every murderer involved in the above atrocities was convinced he was carrying out God's will.

*It is commonly believed that Adolf Hitler was an atheist. He was not. Hitler was raised a Catholic and a cursory glance at his book, 'Mein Kampf', shows him referring to "God" dozens of times. Hitler believed that God wanted him to exterminate the Jews. In doing what he did he was obeying The Lord. Hitler has never been excommunicated by the Vatican. Even in death he remains a respected Catholic.

Some 42% the population of the USA are convinced that we are in the "end times" and when nuclear war breaks out it will be a beautiful thing. Beautiful for them because they're going to be "raptured" into the sky to meet Jesus. Not so beautiful for the rest of us who are going to die horribly down here on Earth. How many of those crazy fuckers are in the US military? How many in the White House, or the Pentagon? How many of them program Norad computers? How many of them pilot and fly stealth bombers. How many of them command and crew nuclear submarines? How many of them sit in pairs down missile silos?

Your guess is as good as mine. My guess is, approximately 42%. Can you even begin to grasp how dangerous it is to have lunatics occupying positions of such power and responsibility?

As it happens I agree with Christian fundamentalists – we are in the "end times". But not because God wills it, because they believe that God wills it. Their erroneous brainfill will become a self fulfilling prophesy.


It all depends on how much people like you want to make a difference. You can go through the rest of whatever's left of your life believing the same old garbage, worshiping the same phony Gods, and you'll sleepwalk to catastrophe. OR, you can challenge your implant, neutralise your brainfill.

"The Bible – I hate it as I hate all things that are cruel"
Thomas Paine – Revolutionary, Author (The Age of Reason)

As part of your brainfill you were taught to believe that Jehovah God is a "Merciful Father". He is anything but. The Bible describes Jehovah as a sadistic murdering monster, a hissing, farting, roaring, shaving, latrine building, foreskin collecting, fire breathing ghoul. But of course, you, who've never read the Bible, know better. The reason you know better is because your implant controls your thought processes.

Even Jews don't read their Pentacheuch (first five books of the Old Testament) properly. Every year they celebrate the "Passover" when God murdered tens of thousands of Egyptian children but spared their own. Were they to study that horrible story from Exodus they would discover that the Pharaoh was willing to release the slaves but God "hardened Pharaoh's heart" and delayed their release. God deliberately delayed the release of the slaves! He wanted the Jews to suffer so's he could get his rocks off! Each time the Pharaoh's heart was hardened, God punished innocent peasants with horrible plagues. To God it was a hilarious game, it was fun murdering countless thousands, maybe millions, of innocent people.

Poor ol' Pharaoh, he didn't know how to appease Jehovah. All you have to do to appease God is present him with two hundred foreskins. God collects foreskins, he's got a huge collection but he needs more. He'll forgive you your trespasses if you give him lots of foreskins but he may still test your faith.

God and Satan – best of friends at the time – entered into a pact to wreak havoc on Job and his family. They burned down Job's house, murdered his servants, murdered his wife and children, slaughtered his cattle and inflicted him with boils. All just as a test of his faith. Oh such jolly fun.

(By the way, interesting interruption – Christians are forever bleating on about how God generously sacrificed his "only begotten son" but the first chapter of Job makes it clear that God had multiple sons.)

The God you worship as "Merciful Father" enjoyed nothing more than slaughtering innocent people. Those he didn't slaughter, he inflicted with hemorrhoids. He forced parents to boil and eat their own children just to sate his wrath, he instructed Jews to force Gentiles into slavery and to treat them abominably, he threatened to wipe excrement across people's faces, he annihilated two cities and incinerated thousands of children because their parents annoyed him, he damned four generations of children for the so-called sins of their fathers, grandfathers etc (Prepare slaughter for the children!), he had forty-two children ripped apart by wild bears because they called an irritable tyrant "old baldhead" and God ordered the murder of adulterers, homosexuals, idolaters (Catholics), blasphemers, heretics, witches, young females suspected of pre-marital sex, and anyone who performs even the slightest bit of work on a Saturday. Hello-o-o – anyone left?

Fortunately for us, the civil law in every Christian country forbids obedience to God's obscene and brutal laws. That in itself is an admission that mankind's compassion is greater than God's diabolical sadism. Moslems continue to obey God and we call them cruel bastards because of it.

Blind people, disabled people, transsexuals, "bastards" and Gentiles (you and me) God banned from his sanctuaries. Yet we continue to worship the rancid douche bag who hates us. Is there anything weirder?

When I challenge Christians to come up with just one merciful act performed by Jehovah they are stumped. Then their face lights up – "God spared Isaac!" they proclaim. Yes, after ordering a devoted father to drag his terrified child up a mountain, to tie him to a sacrificial altar to be ritually slaughtered, and then – tee hee hee, what a funny joke – slit the throat of a ram instead.

If you can see anything merciful in such a cruel joke, then you're beyond redemption.

The fact that your God gets off on animal slaughter should warn you that you're worshiping a hideous VOODOO deity manufactured aeons ago by ignorant VOODOO savages. The Creator of the Universe likes to see a ram's throat slit? He preferred Abel's offering of roast beef to Cain's offering of fruit? He savoured the smoke from Noah's sacrificial barbecue... Give me a break.

"Oh," you say, "I'm not really into God, I'm into Jesus." Oh really. What do you know about Jesus? I'll tell you what – next to nothing. The person you worship as Jesus is one man's vision of another man's dream. What do I mean by that? How did Joseph learn that Mary was pregnant to a "holy ghost"? He dreamed it. The Angel Gabriel explained it to him in a dream – "Hey Joseph, your girlfriend's up the duff but don't worry, God impregnated her". Other than Joseph's dream there isn't a hint of a shred of a whiff of a snippet of evidence for the virgin birth. The entire virgin birth nonsense that two billion Christians accept without question is based entirely on one man's dream! But wait, there's more. Or should I say there's less. The only reason we know about this Jesus character is because of Saul's vision. Saul of Tarsus, a Turkish Jew, walking along the road to Damascus is struck blind. Then he has a vision of something posing as Jesus. His vision was probably caused by extreme thirst which drives people mad. Or it may have been drug induced – (the Amanita Muscuria mushroom). Whichever, Joseph's dream appeared to Saul in a vision. And everything you believe is based on Saul's vision of Joseph's dream.

All life on planet Earth may soon be extinguished due to one man's vision of another man's dream!

What do we really know about Jesus? Well, there may actually have been a popular rabbi but his name was Yeshua not Jesus. The Hebrew historian Josephus – born the year after Yeshua's death – reports that there once was a rabbi who had a following. Then almost certainly a forgery and interpolation – "and he was the Christ". If Yeshua was the Christ whom the Jews had eagerly anticipated the previous six hundred years, how come Josephus allocated just two short paragraphs to him? How come Josephus spent more time describing the Roman legionaire's buttons than he did to the appearance of the Son of God who is God? Clearly Josephus was less than impressed. Seriously, if you were a historian writing about the appearance of the Son of God who is God – Creator of the Universe – wouldn't you devote at least a page or two to his visit?

Apparently Yeshua had brothers and sisters and there's a reasonable chance he was crucified.

And THAT, my dear Christians, is ALL we know about the rabbi Yeshua.

But then the spin doctors set to work. Saul of Tarsus, whom you know as Saint Paul, was determined to magnify his vision and convert it into THE Christ. He fabricated a whole heap of hocus-pocus nonsense and sent copies to synagogues throughout the middle east. Yeshua's brother James tried desperately to put a stop to Saul's nonsense but Saul was literate whereas James, like Yeshua, was not. Saul insisted that he knew more about Yeshua than did brother James, indeed, more even than Joseph and Mary and all the brothers and sisters. Saul knew it all as a result of his vision. James' version of his brother's ministry was cast adrift and is lost to us forever. That's why you know next to NOTHING about the real Yeshua/Jesus.

Between thirty and sixty years later, four scribes – we have no idea who they were, in fact we know nothing about them – embraced Saul's nonsense and embelished the fabulous tale to make Yeshua appear like the greatest Christ of all. There had been dozens before him but the four stooges set about manufacturing a Super-Christ. To achieve that they merged Yeshua with the pagan christs that were doing the rounds at the time. They had him walking on water like Buddha, turning water into wine like Bachus/Dionysus, healing the sick, restoring sight and raising corpses like Mithras, and resurrecting back from the dead like Prometheus, Osiris, and most of the other christs of the period. Their scribblings became known as the Gospels of Matthew, Mark (in wrong order), Luke and John – all four attributed names.

The fact is that not one word in the New Testament was written by anyone who met, saw or heard Jesus. It is all just superstitious fantasy mixed with pagan myths, hearsay and wishful thinking.

The scribe erroneously known to you as Mark, (author of the first gospel), made no mention of the virgin birth. And guess what – neither did Saul/Saint Paul whose creation Jesus was! The virgin birth makes its appearance some ten to twenty years later when scribe number two realised that Krishna, Buddha and numerous other christs had virgin births and so he felt compelled to award one such to the evolving Jesus.

By the early fourth century this bolt-on Frankentein Christ was presented to the Emperor Constantine as a warlord in the sky. Thanks to warlord Yeshua, Constantine won a battle, slaughtered thousands of combatants, then to show his gratitude he made Christianity the state religion. Anyone who didn't worship the Frankentein Christ was driven into the desert to die.

The problem for modern day Christians is that Saul and his scribes presented us with a Christ who exhibits all the symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic. Jesus, as he is now known, was clearly a racist imbecile. Remember, I'm not talking about the real Hebrew rabbi who the Jesus character is based on. I'm talking about the fabricated Frankentein Christ of Saul and co. I'm talking about the Jesus who, when asked to cure a sick Canaanite child, said to the mother, "It isn't right for the master to cast the children's bread to dogs". Yes, he called an ailing child a dog. Why did he do that? Because the ailing child wasn't a Jew. To racists like Saul and his scribes, non Jews were dogs. And so it was only natural for them to attribute racism to their Frankenstein Christ. Time and time again, 'Jesus' explains, "I have come only for the lost sheep of Israel".

Jesus compels the Canaanite mother to beg, plead and grovel, "But master, even dogs get the scraps from the master's table". With the crowd growing restless and with the disciples getting nervous – "Send her away Lord", Jesus waves his hand over the 'dog' and moves on.

If you took a child of yours to a doctor who refused to heal her because she wasn't a Jew, she was a dog, you'd be out of there in a flash and you'd report him to the appropriate authorities. Am I right, or am I right?

And then there's Jesus and the 2,000 pigs. A mentally challenged man approached Jesus and asked for help. Jesus didn't know what to do so he consulted the man's unclean spirits or "demons". The demons advised Jesus to order them out of the man's head and to zoom up a hill where a herd of pigs was grazing, (do pigs graze?) Jesus did as he was advised and instructed the demons to vacate the man's brain and to infest the pigs' brains instead. Two thousand pigs went crazy, stampeded down the hill, leaped over a cliff into the sea and drowned, taking the demons with them.

Hey presto! The man was cured.

Now seriously, if you visited a psychologist who entered into a conversation with your unclean spirits, or demons, then offered to cure you by instructing the demons to vacate your brain and infest the brains of 2,000 pigs instead, would you avail yourself to the treatment? Somehow I doubt if you would. I suspect you'd be out of his practice like a rocket. I've heard all sorts of excuses from Christians, for example, "Belief in demons was common-place two thousand years ago and Jesus was part of that culture". Part of that culture! Give me a break! I thought he was supposed to be the Son of God who is God, Creator of the Universe. And you're telling me he was part of the culture, that he believed in casting out demons and he knew nothing about human psychology?

And this was the same Jesus who cursed a fig tree to death for failing to produce fruit out of season. Do you know anyone else mad enough to curse vegetable matter to death? Ever heard of anyone else? No? Then you're worshiping someone quite unique aren't you. An absolute fruitloop.

And what did Jesus have to say about human sexuality? Well, any man who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery in his heart, and rather than risk the fires of hell he would be well advised to cut off one hand and gouge out one eye. In other words, every heterosexual and bisexual man in the world had better self mutilate or he's bound for the flaming lake. Fortunately, in this instance ALL Christians are bright enough to recognise that Jesus was talking through his arse. I doubt if there has ever been a Pope or a preacher or anyone anywhere who has obeyed that particular piece of diabolical advice.

But their have been men who've slashed their scrotums and removed their testicles. Jesus didn't insist on castration but he advised it "for heaven's sake". And hundreds of little Italian boys were forcibly castrated by the Catholic Church to preserve their heavenly voices. This despite the fact that God hates men "without their stones". Bans them from his sanctuaries.

As for handling poisonous serpents, yes, some Appalachian rattlesnake dancers do chance it, then when they're bitten they're rushed to hospital in a flash. They know damned well that all the prayer and faith in the world won't save them. Jesus, who encouraged them to handle poisonous snakes will stand by picking his nose while they die in agony. Sensibly, they avail themselves to mankind's medical SCIENCE.

What did Jesus have to say about people like me, non believers. What did he have to say about the approximately five billion people in the world who are not baptised Christians? "Those who believe and are baptised shall be saved, those who believeth not shall be damned to hell". Well thank you big guy, on behalf of nearly three-quarters the world's population may just I say – "Get fucked!"

Finally, when Jesus was crucified, scribe number two described a scene that would have done Bram Stoker proud. The graves of the saints sprang open and the corpses clambered out of their graves, strolled into Jerusalem to be "seen by many". Josephus was seriously disappointed that he was born too late to witness this event. Let's face it, it's not every day you encounter walking, talking cadavers strolling around town, especially cadavers of saints!

FAITH – Feeble Answers for Idiots, Tyrants and Hypocrites.

People with faith in the power of prayer are fools. Not once in the history of mankind has God or Jesus answered a prayer. What happens from time to time is that some people have a stroke of good fortune. They're in peril and they get rescued. Their plane crashes and they survive. Their child is ill and it recovers. They need a job and they pass the interview. They need some money and they win Lotto.

This has nothing to do with prayer and everything to do with the law of chance. Some people will get rescued while others die. Some people will survive a crash while others won't. Some children get well while others die. Some people get the desired employment while others don't. Some people win Lotto while others don't. To the survivors and winners it appears as though their prayers have been answered but the truth is they got lucky.

As for healing I could prove to you that there is no such thing as a miracle cure. Select a child suffering from Spina Bifida. Xray the hole in the child's spine, then take the child to Lourdes. Get a thousand or a million Christians to pray for the child. Encourage them to pray for a week or a month or a year or ten years if necessary. At the end of it all, re Xray the child's spine and you will find that there has been no improvement whatsoever. So called miracle cures are the result of an ailment going into remission, nothing more. But for something like Spina Bifida there is no such thing as remission. And that is why no Christian would dare take me up on the challenge. You know you'd lose.

If prayer works, how come a billion Catholics praying for the late Pope made not a scrap of difference to his Parkinson's Disease? How come he had to rely on mankind's medical SCIENCE to ease the symptoms right up until the day he died? How come when Mother Teresa was ill she flew to Los Angeles for treatment in a private US hospital? If God couldn't be bothered to cure Mother Teresa, who can he be bothered to cure? All those Catholic saints, plus Jesus and the Virgin Mary, all outdone by mankind's medical SCIENCE.

The Catholic Church is the perfect body to represent a pair of bogus deities. If there was a genuine compassionate rabbi, everything about the Catholic Church is the opposite of what he taught, or was supposed to have taught. Jesus said, "Give up thy worldly goods and give to the poor." The Vatican did the opposite. The Vatican sodomised Jesus to become indescribably wealthy and powerful. The Catholic Church is all glamour and glitz, wealth and privilege, trimmings and trappings. Next time you see a Pope or a Bishop in his magnificent brocade ball gown and his absurd bejeweled hat, with his gold or silver shepherd's crook, creeping around his multi billion dollar palace, ask yourself, "What the fuck does this have to do with Jesus?" But which Jesus are we talking about here? The humble Hebrew rabbi or the Saul's bolt-on Frankenstein Christ? Whichever it is, neither advocated the accumulation of vast indescribable wealth. The Church – all churches – have pissed, shit and vomited on Jesus and made a fortune in the process.

And here's the kicker, Whatever Jesus was, I believe he was a rebel. He rebelled against the established order. So when we read of Jesus saying, "And when thou prayest thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are; for they love to be seen by others. But thou, when thou prayest, pray to thy father in secret; and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly". That sounds a lot like the real man to me. If so, what the hell are all these Christian palaces, cathedrals, churches and chapels for? Tens of thousands of them around the world, all designed to suck you in to disobey Jesus. Why? Because you're stupid and they're rich and they know how to manipulate you.

If you're happy with that, if you're content to see the mystic rabbi abused mercilessly – the never-ending crucifixion – then keep on keeping on. But if you believe that truth is worth standing up for, if you believe the Earth is worth saving, then make a difference. Challenge your brainfill and jettison your implant.

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