by BeoWulf
Dealing with society's evil scum

Bullying is at an all-time high. Cyber space is the perfect hiding place for gutless, sniveling cowards who get their jollies by making other people miserable.

There are a few things you need to know about the sort of people who become bullies.

Roughly speaking, bullies fall into two categories. The first category is the brain damaged psychopath. Such people are born with a serious brain defect – they can't feel normal human emotions. They can feel negative feelings like anger, hate and rage but they are incapable of feeling love, warmth, kindness and compassion. Psychopaths grow up being cruel to animals as well as to other people. Serious sufferers might become serial killers. Ted Bundy, who in the USA, murdered more than thirty women, was a psychopath. He was good looking and charming (psychopaths can be disarmingly charming because they've learned all the tricks) but Ted Bundy liked to kill.

Psychopaths make the best soldiers. Nothing makes them happier than the prospect of machine gunning or bombing thousands of innocent civilians. Lieutenant Caley who, during the Vietnam war led the My Lai Massacre, ordered his men to murder 507 old men, mothers and children. When he was charged with war crimes he didn't understand what all the fuss was about. To him it was just a bit of a lark.

If you saw the movie, Avatar, you may recall the scene where the US commander led his helicopter gunships into battle and slaughtered the native population. He loved every minute of it. The more death and destruction he caused the happier he was. Psychopath.

If you're a victim of bullying this might be what you're up against. In a minute I'll explain how to handle it. But there's another type of bully. This second type is more common. The baby is born with a perfect brain but due to bad parenting the child turns evil. The child is neglected, abused, and generally treated like shit. This inevitably has an effect, and the main effect is that human sympathy is beaten out of the child.

The child started out OK but with repeated bashings he/she became a monster. A good example of this second type of person is Adolf Hitler. His father was a devout Catholic who believed in the Biblical instruction, "Beat the child with a rod and spare no pity for his suffering." The result was a man filled with rage and hatred who took it out on the whole world.

The main difference between the two types of bullies is that the first kind is focussed, intelligent and will probably go on to become a big wheel in commerce or the military. He will succeed because he doesn't care who he stomps on or who he destroys. He has no concept of conscience so if he drives people to suicide he just laughs. Do NOT become his next big laugh! The second type of bully is likely to become an alcoholic or drug addict. The reason is because this person feels little but sadness, frustration and depression. He didn't get any love from his parents so he's going to earn the respect of others by bullying people he perceives to be easy targets.

Here's the most depressing part in all this. Most people are "the others". By that I mean, most people will rally round the bully rather than oppose him. I keep saying 'him' but it can just as easily be a 'her'. Rather than risk being the bully's next target, most people will cheer her on rather than risk getting off side with her. This is what Nazism was all about. Most Germans weren't evil but they feared the Nazis. When the Nazis rounded up Jews, gays and Communists to be shot and gassed, people cheered or at best, kept quiet.

"All bullies are cowards at heart"

This is probably what you're up against, not just the bully him/herself, but the cringeing hangers on who don't want to be seen as the odd one out. If the bully throws bricks at the victim, everyone picks up bricks to throw at the victim. And truth be known, most of them derive satisfaction from it.

OK, enough already, how to deal with it? The bully needs you to respond. If he calls you a fat pig slut faggot, he needs to see that you're hurt. Without your pain he gets no pleasure. And so your task, a difficult one, is to not respond. I'm talking here mostly about cyber bullying. Do not text him back! This is important. Just behave as though the text message went missing. You didn't receive it. After a few weeks of texting you, getting more and more horrible, he'll give up. He gets no satisfaction from someone who remains buoyant because he's got nothing to boast about; nothing to show his groveling boot lickers. He'll move onto the next victim. Hopefully the next victim will have seen this web site.

The other thing you should do is alert the authorities. Your head teacher, counselor, parents or police. That might seem like a contradiction but you need to get someone on side. That might not include friends because friends might have become Nazi sympathisers. You judge.

If the bullying is physical, you MUST immediately report the matter to teachers, to parents, and if they are no help, to the police. Physical violence is a crime, make no mistake about that. If you're being physically attacked at school the culprit must be apprehended and penalised. If he's too young to be penalised he must be dropped down a sewer to swim with the other rats.

Your teen years are frustrating and confusing enough without having to put up with cruel bullying. You are entitled to some joy and happiness while trying to make sense of the crazy world you find yourself in.

In my opinion every school should employ older, trained bully-busters, tough guys whose job it is to teach bullies a lesson. The bully busters would speak to the scumbag first, in most cases that's all it would take because one feature common to all bullies is cowardice. They always pick on people smaller or younger or people they perceive to be weaker. As someone who, as a teenager, endured bullying for more than a year, I can tell you now that the only reason it ended was because someone bigger and tougher eventually stood up for me. The bully slunk back to his lair with his tail between his legs.

Of course in the USA the bully would return with a gun, but we don't have that problem here in Australia. Very few teenagers can lay their hands on a gun. The important message here is – no one has to endure bullying. In the armed forces you've got no one to turn to but at school you've got numerous people who want to help you. And if the first person you approach shows no interest, try the next person. Someone will help you!

I shall have more to add shortly but that's a start.