How is it possible to produce a book, several hundred pages long, filled with commandments, laws, rules and advice, yet not once mention kindness to children? People say, "Oh but you're wrong, Jesus warned against harming children. But no, it is they who are wrong. A careful reading of the chapter reveals that Jesus was comparing his followers to children and he was warning against harming those adults. In the Bible you will find God's Ten Commandments, four of which are concerned with flattering him, making him feel superior to other gods. Then there are commandments against killing and stealing that are hollow coming from a deity who loved nothing more than killing and stealing. A bit like Hitler or Himmler commanding us to love Jews. In the Bible you'll find God torturing and murdering children with disease, burning them to death with fire and drowning them. You'll find God commanding his savages to butcher children with swords. You'll find God ripping children apart with wild beasts. You'll find God commanding parents to mutilate their children with knives and flints. You'll find God commanding parents to stone their children to death. You'll find God's chosen savages kidnapping children, slaughtering their parents, then forcing the grieving children to work as slaves. You'll find God punishing children for the sins of their parents, grand parents and great grand parents. You'll find God forcing parents to boil and eat their children so as to sate his wrath. You'll find God's butchers rounding up children for the purpose of rape. You'll find fathers inviting men to pack rape their virgin daughters. You'll find men smashing children against rocks and boasting of the joy it brings them. You'll find a father committing incest with his virgin daughters. You'll find a father sacrificing his beloved daughter to God and God not raising a word of protest. You'll find men ripping up pregant women and killing their foetus'. You'll find men beheading children. You'll find instructions to beat children with a rod and to show no mercy for their suffering. You'll find instructions to parents to hate their children. You'll find instructions to parents to walk out and desert their children. You'll find God rejecting illigitimate children, or bastards as he's pleased to call them. You'll find children condemned to an eternity spent writing in the flames of hell. You will find every atrocity imaginable and instuctions to inflict all manner of suffering upon children, but you can search from the first page till the last and there is one thing you will not find. You will not find anywhere so much as one sentence commanding you to be kind to children, to care for them, to love them. Christians call this book, the Good Book. (I believe this statement to be correct. If I'm mistaken, if someone can show me a word of kindness towards children I will admit my mistake and future editions of this book will include an ammendment.)