The Elephant Lady

Versus the Pig Man

I've just watched a TV documentary about an English woman living in Kenya who rescues elephants orphaned, injured or otherwise in distress, and it got me thinking about the human condition. What is the number one quality a human being can possess?

It isn't faith, it isn't determination, it isn't power, it isn't charisma, it isn't loyalty, it isn't courage, it isn't wisdom, it isn't humor and it isn't even love.

As admirable as those traits are, there have been numerous tyrants and monsters who have been endowed with one or more of them. Hitler, for example, had all of them except wisdom, humor and love. And many a wise monster has loved his own family while murdering the families of others, and then seen the funny side of it.

No, the number one most important quality for a human being to possess is kindness. Kindness doesn't build empires, move mountains, convert heathens, accumulate wealth or entertain the masses.

Kindness makes life bearable for every person and every animal fortunate enough to experience it. A person who is kind is immensely more valuable than all the emperors, magnates, warriors and artists combined.

Unfortunately for Christians, that eliminates anyone who advocates mutilation of the body, the breaking up of families and the condemning to hell of non believers. It eliminates anyone who drowns 2,000 pigs, who condones slavery, who spreads guilt, who resists treating a sick child because she isn't a Jew, who steals someone's mule and who fails to invite his mum to the last supper.

Sorry Jesus ol' chap, that rules you out.

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