Feeble Answers for Idiots, Tyrants and Hypocrites

by Alan J. Douglas

Faith in the religious sense means to place one's trust in an idea irrespective of how little little evidence there is to support it. It is to sublimate that side of the brain that filters fact from fiction, and to choose fiction because it feels nicer.

Faith is to suppress and surender that quality which separates civilised man from the primitive savage. It is to accept as truth that which attempts to explain the inexplicable in terms that can be absorbed by the non-critical and superstitious side of the brain.

The greater the number of people who have faith in a particular fiction the better. Each person reinforces the faith of the other. Therefore if a thousand people believe the same lie it becomes the absolute divine truth. And if a hundred thousand people believe it, its on its way towards legendary status complete with government protection. Eventually the lie becomes absorbed into the bloodstream of a culture and anyone who challenges the lie becomes the enemy.

But if a million people believe the same lie, they split into factions, each interpreting the lie differently as suits their individual needs. And when that happens the first rays of truth begin to dawn; that's when the lie begins to crumble.

History has shown time and time again that irrespective of how many people believe a lie, they cannot alter the past and convert the lie into truth. Inevitably then, as each faction denounces the other, the lie falls into disrepute and the stunning stupidity of it all becomes apparent. That's when men get busy fabricating new, alternative lies.

"Faith is believing something you know ain't true."
Mark Twain