The main page demonstrates what a load of bollocks is the Bible. If you believe that corpses of saints clambered from their graves to go walkabouts in Jerusalem to be "seen by many" then you are a total retard, a brainless moron. How many "saints", and how long had they been dead? What stage of decay were they in? Did anyone invite them home to meet mamma?

Clearly, that passage was written by a man with the imagination of Bram Stoker, and his saints were early incarnations of the vampire Dracula. What a great stage play or movie it would make! If you're lucky enough to still have a portion of your brain functioning then you will agree with me that the 'Risen Saints' story is complete nonsense. And if that is nonsense, how can you trust anything in the Bible?

How about the passage where Joshua needs extra daylight to slaughter the inhabitants of a nearby city. He asks God to stop the sun revolving around the Earth for a few hours and God obliges. Is God so stupid that he's unaware the Earth revolves around the sun?

There are millions of people in the world today – educated, knowledgeable people – who realise that the Bible is nonsense from beginning to end. These people are called atheists and they are despised, feared and detested by godists because they challenge their entire belief system. Western civilisation is based on a book filled from beginning to end with cruel and stupid lies. That is why we've suffered wars, inquisitions and ongoing indescribable cruelty going back thousands of years. And right now, thanks to religious madness in the USA and in Islamic countries, the world finds itself facing the prospect of nuclear obliteration.

How could it be otherwise when Jews and Christians worship Jehovah (see picture above) – 'God' of Hate, War, Misery and Death? The churches serve him up as a benign "merciful father" but that's like serving up Hitler as savior of the Jews.

For millennia Jews and Christians have been worshiping the devil. The devil's name is not Satan, it's Jehovah! Jehovah will force you to boil and eat your children before torturing you with hemorrhoids and murdering you. Then, because you chose to ignore the devil's spawn, he, Jesus will condemn you to an eternity spent writhing in the flames of hell.

But he Lurrrrrrvs you!

"The God of hell should be held in loathing, contempt and scorn. A God who threatens eternal
"The God of hell should be held in loathing, contempt and scorn. A God who threatens eternal pain should be hated, not loved; cursed, not worshiped. A heaven presided over by such a God must be below the meanest hell."

Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1889) – Author, Orator, Humanitarian.

"The hideous doctrine of eternal torment after death has probably caused more terror and misery, more cruelty and more violation of natural human sympathy, than any religious belief in the history of mankind. Yet this doctrine was unambiguously taught by Jesus."

Margaret Knight – Lecturer, Aberdeen University

Give me just half an hour of your time and I can prove to you that you've been lied to your entire life. You have been worshiping the devil and the devil's spawn!

This short web site leads to a longer web site – The Real Wild Church. It's up to you to decide how much or how little you read, but here's the thing – the more you learn the truth about what's really going on, the more likely you are to stand up and make a difference.

The alternative is to stand by doing nothing while priests, pastors and other sleazy, conniving creatures continue to pump your head full of superstitious shit.

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