by Douglas Monroe

"If you always do what you've always done
you already are what you'll ever become."

Hi, I am Doug Monroe, a sixty-eight year old struggler who is failing badly. I've known success and I've known failure. Success is better. To achieve success I studied success. I read all the right books, attended all the recommended seminars and purchased armloads of cassette tapes. I did everything right, I even learned self-hypnosis so's I could program my subconscious mind.

Within a year my publishing business, struggling previously, burst out of the doldrums and earned real money. Enough money to pay an architect to design my dream home, to buy the harbour-view land and to have my dream home built – mortgage free. I bought a brand new top of the range Subaru (OK, we're not talking Aston Martins here), no hire purchase – cash. Things were looking good. I starting scoping international markets. While overseas I trusted someone to manage my business, he robbed me blind and I lost everything. Bye Bye Australian pie...

Do they warn you of that in "Think and Grow Rich"? They don't. It's one of the lessons I learned the hard way. Instead of picking myself up and brushing myself off I allowed disappointment to get the better of me and I have languished on the bottom rung of the ladder ever since.

Now, aged 68, nothing in the bank, renting an old house, driving an 1981 van, I've decided to start again. Left it too late? Maybe, but who knows, I might live till I'm 78 or even 88. I choose years of success rather than years of failure. And if I die early, at least I gave it a go.

I haven't been deaf to ideas this past twenty-plus years. At one point I had forty different projects on the go. Yep, forty. Naturally all forty failed because you can't succeed at anything when your attention is split in forty different directions.

What I've done now is put thirty-seven of my dynamite ideas on the back-burner, linked the remaining three together and formed Joy Club. Joy Club is about Friendship, Freethought and Wealth Creation. Here I'm going to discuss Wealth Creation. During my twenty-odd years in the doldrums I tried various plans to restore my finances, one of them was Multi Level Marketing. After one year's hard slog I started earning commissions – not a fortune but a few hundred dollars every month – and then the company vanished. It just closed down, bye bye, not a word.

But I'd been bitten by the MLM bug. I could see the potential, but I could also see the pitfalls. The number-one pitfall – the one that is the bane of every MLM company from the biggest to the smallest – is attrition. Otherwise known as saturation point deadlock, or a bastard, depending on your point of view. You reach a stage where you've introduced as many people as possible and no one else wants to join and so you're stuffed. That's when most people quit and your upline (the person who recruited you) gets discouraged, he quits too and the whole thing whithers and dies.

The big MLM companies survive by constantly sucking in new suckers. It's a cruel business.

I asked myself, "What's wrong with this system and what would it take to make it work?" Here's the answer to the first question – all MLM products are overpriced. The ONLY reason people continue buying them – the only reason they're paying $8 for their $2.95 toothpaste – is because they've been promised riches beyond their wildest dreams. It's like religion, promise people everlasting life and they'll believe anything.

But after a year or so of paying $25 for their $6 vitamin pills they get fed up. They're not making any money and they're starting to realise that the "wholesale" price they were promised is in fact a sky-high rip-off. They quit.

The second part of this question is, what could be done to make the system work? Answer; customers need to continue purchasing the product regardless of commissions and bonuses. For that to happen the product needs to be – VALUE FOR MONEY! If they're paying a GENUINE low price for the product and the product is something they really want or need, would they quit? Of course not. No MLM company that I'm aware of has addressed the attrition problem. Joy Club may be the first organisation to have not only addressed it but come up with a solution.

Here's an interesting adjunct to that. The product could be a service rather than something tangible you hold in your hand. For example, I pay iPrimus $39 a month for my broadband connection. If someone approached me with an identical plan for $19 a month AND with the benefit of a spotter's fee for everyone I introduce to the company, would I change from iPrimus to the new cheaper service? You betcha life I would. But what if, a year down the track I earned nothing by way of spotter's fees, would I revert to iPrimus? We're assuming the new service is identical or maybe even better.

Of course I wouldn't, there's no reason to. What would be the point of reverting to the old plan, paying more and getting less? I'm far happier with the new company. And so the problem of people leaving due to lack of downline commissions is addressed and overcome. There are no losers. The first few hundred people in make a motza, the next few thousand people in do extremely well too, but as more and more people join they earn less yet they still continue buying the product, or service, because they're getting a great deal!

That is the ONLY way for Multi Level Marketing to work and keep on working with no losers. It's a win/win for everyone.

Q. I'm no good at sales. What use will I be?
A. No need for you to do any selling, just point three people to this web page. If you're worried about speaking to people just hand them a business card (which I'll supply). The sort of people you are looking for are renters who would love to own their own home, or people who would appreciate a new car. In fact anyone who wants or needs extra money. If you can't think of three people like that and you believe you have no chance of meeting three such people, then I agree with you, this is not the group for you.

Q. How much will this cost me?
A. $30 per calendar month. A dollar a day too much for you? If you're an office worker how much do you spend on coffee each day? If you're a smoker how much do you waste on smokes every day? If you're a woman, how much do you spend on facial slime in a vain attempt to defeat your genes? How much does anyone blow on alcohol, petrol, shoes, handbags, electronic gizmos...? Fortunes are frittered away. Everybody would pay $1 a day if they knew it would make a massive difference to their financial status. Ladies, imagine, instead of wasting $70 a month on a state-of-the-art bottle containing nice smelling sludge, you could pay $900 for the same thing!!! Your genes will luuurve you.

Q. What else is required of me?
A. Thirty minutes of your time a week. This is a $30 X 30 minute success plan.You're welcome to spend more time if you want to accelerate your progress but thirty minutes a week is adequate.

Q. Is that it?
A. No, there's one more thing. This is the bigee. You must get off your arse one Friday night and attend a meeting. Presently the meetings are held in Parramatta but as Joy Club grows, meetings will be held here there and everywhere. So you can either travel to Parramatta and join us now or you can wait a few months and join us later. Now is better.

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