Who Are the Omegans?

The Omega symbol is the 24th and last symbol in the Greek alphabet. Omegans are the last in a long line of people who believe they know what they're talking about. From the earliest religions – Zoroastrianism for example – mankind convinced himself that he had the answers to life. Zoroastrianism, blended with Osirism became Hebrew, became Christianity, became Islam, became Bah'ai. Elsewhere there was Buddhism, Taoism, Hindi and Shinto. Despite their differences all religions have one thing in common. They're all wrong. They all teach nonsense.

Buddhism started off on the right foot but it wasn't long before man added his bells, baubles and bullshit. The Abramic or semite religions are by far the worst. All this talk about a "merciful yet wrathful father" – a deity who loves nothing more than slaughtering innocent people, particularly children, is sheer nonsense. And a messiah who preached "Love thy neighbour" while ignoring the plight of the slaves he saw all around him, equally hypocritical and evil. And then to condemn two-thirds the population of planet Earth – including children – to an eternity spent writhing in the fires of hell, simply because they either hadn't heard of him or because they chose not to worship him, was an act of such extreme cruelty there are no words to describe it.

And so, are we atheists? Some of us are, others are agnostics, or skeptics, or humanists, while still others prefer to be known as Pantheists. Omegans have much in common with all five groups. We deny the existence of manufactured gods and messiahs but there's more to us than simply disbelief. Omegans stand for something rather than simply against something. Agnostics say that god cannot be known whereas we say, if such a force exists, one day science will discover it. It will be known. We're in tune with the Pantheist philosophy but we dislike the name. Pan, meaning "all", suggests that they worship all gods, whereas truth be known they worship none. "Pantheism" a poor choice of a name, in our opinion.

Omegans actively promote an end to religion. Atheists will argue that so do they, but the truth is, atheists are under no obligation to do or say anything at all. Neither are agnostics. They just exist. Omegans are committed to spreading the Truth and to improving conditions for humans and animals.

We are humanitarians, as are most atheists and agnostics but there is no obligation for them to be. They can be thoroughly unpleasant people yet still be atheists or agnostics. They can be silent, never saying or writing a thing to change things for the better. Atheists can point to thousands of web sites designed by and for other atheists but ask them for just one web site aimed at children and they're stumped. Atheists don't seem to realise how important it is to influence youth.

Omegans have a bold plan for influencing young people. The plan will elicit an uproar from the church and from god infected parents. The church and its god grovelers dread the thought of their progeny discovering the truth, and yet we plan to defy them by influencing their children. That is the main reason why we must alienate ourselves for all established groups and organisations. Atheists, agnostics, humanists and pantheists dread bad publicity. They crave respectability in a world devoid of decency, kindness and honesty. In our opinion, to be respected by people who don't understand the meaning of the word is not much of an ambition. We will plow our own field, fight our own fights, and we shall ignore those who scream, "You're giving atheism a bad name!"

Omegans are committed to spreading the good word. Once again, that word is "Truth".

Truth is a word that's tossed around like confetti. It means different things to different people and yet the fact is, there can only be one Truth! Can corpses spring back to life? The obvious answer is "no". And it really doesn't matter how many millions or billions of people believe that Jesus came back to life after is brain had turned to maggot fodder, they are all wrong. Can a man travel from Medina to Jerusalem on a flying horse? The answer, once again, is "no", because horses can't fly, and it doesn't matter if more than billion people insist that one horse did fly, they are all wrong.

If all seven billion people on this planet believed that pigs fly around the moon every second Tuesday, they would all be wrong. Even if they believed it with all their hearts and all their (so-called) "souls", even if they were prepared to kill and die for their belief, pigs would remain Earthbound.

Godists suffer from this quaint idea that if sufficient numbers of people believe a fiction they can turn the fiction into truth. Sorry, it can't be done. If it could be done I'd look like Brad Pitt and boast a dick like Errol Flynn.

Apart from Truth we have an interesting idea. We don't insist that it's a fact, we just accept it as a possibility. We suspect there's more to evolution than chance. We suspect that one day science will discover there is a blueprint for all life forms on this planet and around the universe. As a creature evolves from one form to another it's not random. The genes and every strand of DNA are intelligent, programmed and constantly striving for perfection. If we're right, this would accelerate the evolutionary process enormously. We also suspect the universe is teaming with life. The same struggle for perfection is taking place on countless planets everywhere.

If we're right, if such a creative force exists, there's God for you!

Having said that, we believe the struggle to reach distant galaxies is a total waste of effort and money. Even trying to reach the planets in our own solar system is absurd. What is the point? What will we gain by confirming that there is no life on Jupiter? We already know there is no life on Jupiter, so why bother going there? The Earth is a speck of cosmic dust. It's like a grain of sand on Bondi Beach. All the sand on Bondi Beach is our galaxy. There are trillions of beaches in the universe. What is the point of travelling from one grain of sand to the next when the cost of doing so is so immense?

Let's find cures for cancers and HIV and malaria and MS and spina bifida and motor neuron disease and muscular dystrophy and bird flu and the common cold before we waste one more cent traveling for one grain of sand to the next. We won't find a cure for anything on Jupiter. Or on Mars, Venus, Saturn or any of the other planets. It's multi billions of dollars wasted to give NASA scientists a wank.

People say to me, "If Christopher Columbus thought like you we'd never have discovered the Americas". Well, whooopie doo, would that have been so bad? Seriously, would King Ferdinand and Queen Isobella have financed Columbus' journey if they'd known in advance that the furthest he could travel was one millimeter along the quay? Because that's all we can hope for with the billions of dollars currently being wasted on space research.

But of all the sicknesses to be cured, sickness of the mind is the most important and urgent. Gods and nuclear bombs don't mix. So long as people believe crazy things there is a constant risk of nuclear war. When 42% the population of the USA believes that we are in the "end times" and that God wants there to be a nuclear war and everything will be fine because they're going to be "raptured" into the sky to meet Jesus, then clearly it's time to come down on Christianity like a ton of bricks. And this is another way we deviate from atheism. Speak to any atheist and the chances are you'll be told, "Oh well, if it happens it happens." Generally speaking, atheists are not in the least bit concerned about nuclear obliteration. They'll change their light bulbs to save the planet but they're blind to the probability of a nuclear war that ends all life on planet Earth.

If for no other reason this is why the fight against religious madness is important and URGENT!

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