"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.
You can be that great generation."

Nelson Mandella

Eugenics is the science of breeding for quality – breed out bad genes and maximize good genes. We do it with cattle so why not with humans? Hitler was all for it, in fact that's what his Aryan master race was all about. On one level it makes sense – kill off defective humans and embark on mass breeding of perfect humans. The problem is of course, who decides which is which? Let's face it, most Nazi leaders were phsyicaly grotesque, and right now perfect Semites are killing imperfect Palestinians, and perfect Muslims are bombing imperfect infidels, and perfect Christians are still slaughtering imperfect Iraqis and Afghanis.

What use is it to breed physically perfect people like Mohamed Yakamac if he believes he'll get seventy two virgins for killing Joe Blow? What use is it to breed physically perfect people like Joe Blow if he believes "God" wants him to murder Mohamed Yakamac, and if he fails "God will punish him with haemorrhoids and force him to eat human excrement?

It's not physical perfection that matters, it's mental and emotional perfection! The world can never be at peace so long as people believe religious crap. We must breed out religious crap and encourage the growth of rational compassion. That is what Pyscho Eugenics is all about.


Every religion teaches nonsense. There are no exceptions. Every religious person wears blinkers and is viewing the world through sludge coloured glasses. Every religious person believes that his religion is right – of course, otherwise he wouldn't believe it – and everyone else's religion is wrong, or at least, less right than his.

That is an incredibly dangerous situation in the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) age when 28,000 nuclear warheads are primed and ready to rock at a moment's notice.

If you can't see how dangerous that is then your sludge coloured glasses are blurier than most. So the challenge is – if the world is to survive this century – how do we remove the blinkers and the sludge coloured glasses? How do we breed mentally and emotionally healthy people?

The first thing to remember of course is that most people are born mentally and emotionally perfect. Parents then pump religious filth into their brains until they can no longer think or see clearly. How do we prevent that happening? That is the challenge for Psycho Eugenics.


Atheists are no help because they're too busy bothering about conspiracy theories, or scraping off their body thetans, or talking to aliens from outer space. Fundamentalist Christians are no help because they're looking forward to a nuclear holocaust. Shiite Muslims are no help because they're too busy bending over five times a day and fighting Sunni Muslims. Sunni Muslims are no help because they're too busy bending over five times a day and fighting Shiite Muslims. Jews are no help because they're too busy being chosen. Hindus, Buddhists and Shintos are no help because they're too busy reincarnating and talking to ancestors.

The only hope for the world are freethinkers and moderate Christians – people who have either removed their sludge coloured glasses or have at least wiped the lenses. They may still be wearing blinkers but moderate Christians do at least care for their loved ones and they are concerned about the planet.

After searching for rational thinking people since 1982 I now concede that there are none. Well, very few. So few in fact that I never get to meet any. At age 66 I am faced with two choices – either I continue as I have done this past thirty years, searching for rational thinking people and getting nowhere, or I accept the fact that everyone has a personal portfolio of "unshakable truths", and my suggesting that the world is NOT being governed by "sentient beings'' from within a cavern beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza is counter productive. I should learn to overlook people's absolute, no doubt about it, unshakable truths, and work with them.

But there has to be some common ground otherwise we'll be arguing and bickering about whose fairies are the true fairies, and whose tea-leaf reader is the better clairvoyant and whether tarot cards are better "science" than astrology. And then there would be no progress.

So here's my decision – it doesn't matter if you've been reincarnated thousands of times and are being looked after by guardian angels. It doesn't matter if you believe that corpses spring back to life and prance around Jerusalem to be "seen by many". It doesn't matter if your body thetans are itching and giving you headaches. It doesn't matter if you're perched on a mountain top somewhere waiting to catch a glimpse of the intergalactic traveller, Rael. It doesn't matter if your garden gnomes keep you awake at night. All the above and thousands more "absolute truths" are acceptable.

Here's what does matter –

1. If you believe it's a good idea to defend the world with nuclear missiles, cluster bombs, smart bombs, napalm, landmines, chemical and biological weapons – please leave.

2. If you believe that the way to achieve global harmony is to to divide the world with religion – please leave.

3. If you believe that MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) makes sense – please leave.

4. If you believe that "God" wants a nuclear war so that "born again" evangelical Christians (plus the corpses, ashes and the worm shit of dead Christians) can be "raptured" into the sky to meet Jesus – please leave.

5. If you believe that climate change is more serious than nuclear obliteration, that's OK, we can cope with that. We'll overlook that error of judgement and you're welcome to stay. After-all, one issue gets all the publicity while the other gets none. The function of Psycho Eugenics is to raise the profile of Global Nuclear Destruction until people realise how serious, likely and imminent it is.

6. If you recognise that erroneous brainfill is the main obstacle to global peace and harmony then we are definitely on the same wavelength. Join us –


There's one thing I know...