The world's most evil and sinister cult!

Scientology was launched in the early 1950s by a reject from the US navy, L. Ron Hubbard. Prior to that he had eeked out a living as a writer of science fiction tales which sold for a few cents a copy in drug stores around about. He wrote a book called 'Dianetics - The Science of Mental Health' which contained nothing new. Clearly he had filched ideas from genuine psychologists of his day. He went back to science fiction. It occurred to Hubbard that it might be possible to convince gullible people that his story about an evil warlord from another galaxy could be true. And perhaps he could get people to join his fledgling cult and hand over their, and their relatives, money.

And so Xenu was created. Seventy five million years ago the wicked warlord Xenu propelled millions of alien creatures across the universe. They travelled in converted Douglas DC9 aircraft that were all the go back in the 1950s. Xenu dropped the creatures into volcanoes and he nuked them with atom bombs. Evil spirits called body-thetans attached themselves to the remains of the exploded space travellers and they evolved, millions of years later, into evil spirits. The reason your life is a mess is because these evil little body thetans are clinging to you and deliberately making life difficult, (think Biblical demons and you'll get the picture). Not to worry, you can rid yourself of body thetans by paying the Church of Scientology increments of money totalling $350,000.

This would be laughable were it not for the fact that millions of people do actually believe this twaddle. Worse, they want YOU to believe it. It wouldn't matter were it not for one scary thing. Scientology has morphed into a Nazi style regime with its own uniformed storm troopers and Gestapo style secret police. L. Ron Hubbard instructed his thugs to "injure, maim or destroy" anyone who offends against Scientology. This would include you and your family if you initially show interest and then lose interest. You will find yourself in a condition of "fair game" which means Scientologists in your neighbourhood can harm you in any way they see fit.

Children are considered blockages and anyone who pays too much attention to their children will be separated from them. The children will be raised in brutal kinder training camps, all love and compassion driven out of them until they become perfect little Nazi style brutes. You may be granted permission to visit you children from time to time provided you have obeyed all the rules and you never, under any circumstances, question Scientology.

Over time you will become little more than an obedient, grinning robot. Your independent spirit and your dignity will be crushed. You live to serve L. Ron Hubbard. He is more important than Jesus Christ. You WILL obey. Heil Hubbard!

The secret to this horrible form of brainwashing is a devise called an 'E' Meter which is a crude sort of lie detector. At frequent intervals you will be 'audited' by experienced Scientologists. The idea of the auditing is to discover your sexual history. They want to know if you've ever done anything you're ashamed of. Did you, for example, experiment sexually with a member of the same sex while you were at school? Have you ever done anything dishonest? Have you ever done anything you regret and which you'd rather keep secret? You can't beat the 'E' Meter and so one way or another they're going to wring this information out of you. Once they've learned all your little secrets they're stored away to be used against you should you ever cross Scientology.

This is how they keep movie stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta chained to the cult. During their early years in Hollywood both men committed indiscretions that could adversely affect their careers were the information to leak out. Men like Cruise and Travolta are a major asset to Scientology so they are accorded special status within the cult. Their secret is safe so long as they continue to make all the right noises.

So here's the bottom line: only get involved in Scientology if you have nothing to be blackmailed about, if you have access to $350,000 - perhaps you could borrow it or take out a second mortgage on your home - and most important of all, you must hate your children and be prepared to surrender them to the Reich.

It all starts with a simple personality test. You are invited to take the test and afterwards you are told that you have several blocked areas that are holding you back. The first course is affordable and most people cough up the money to have these fictitious 'blockages' removed. Then you are conned into taking the next step towards going 'clear' ie, ridding yourself of klingons, or body-thetans. The more you progress along the 'bridge' and through the OT (Operating Thetan) levels the more money it costs you. Some people go insane and are admitted to mental institutions. Others commit suicide. Some people tough it out for several year and eventually risk everything and leave. They spend the rest of their lives in hiding like Salman Rushdie.

Scientology is an evil, sinister cult whose only purpose is to milk gullible suckers of their money. No one in the history of Scientology has ever achieved the sort of super-natural powers they're promised on reaching the high O.T. levels. No one has developed Xray vision. No one has grown a new set of teeth. No one has sprung a massive penis. No one has sprouted new hair growth (ask John Travolta why he wears a hair piece). No one has extended their height to that of a London double-decker bus (ask Tom Cruise what went wrong).

Scientology survives because with the notable exception of Nick Xenaphon no one dares to challenge it. Scientology has dirt files on most politicians whether they've been involved in Scientology or not. Few people dare to go against them. And yet Scientology must be stopped. It is a horrible, cruel and terrifying cult that breaks up families and causes unbelievable misery and suffering.

There are thousands of evil cults in the world but none of them come close to the sheer malevolence of Scientology.