Why it must be stopped in its tracks

A word of warning from Beowulf

1n 1968, British politican Enoch Powell warned Britons that unless immigration was halted, there would be "blood on the streets". He was labeled a racist and he lost his parliamentary position. Now, in 2010, violent "Paki bashing" armies are rising up and threatening immigrant families in London and the north of England.

The British government will do what it always does – ignore the will of the people. It will look the other way while the violence escalates. It will provide police with more and deadlier weapons and, from the safety of their private estates, miles from the trouble spots, MPs will watch the bloodshed on their television screens.

What we in Australia need to ask ourselves is, should we go down the same path as Britain and suffer the same fate, or should we stand up and make a difference now?

Moderate Muslims like to present Islam as a religion of peace. It is anything but. A glance at the Koran reveals it to be a religion of hatred and violence. How could it be otherwise? It is based on Judaism which is THE most bloodthirsty religion the world has ever known. That statement might come as a shock to you because you have never read the Bible. All you've read are the popular snippets that were pointed out to you as a child. You're not aware that between them Moses and Joshua murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women, children and babies. Jehovah God ordered them to slaughter everyone and to let none survive. Actually, they did allow some to survive, having slaughtered their parents and siblings, they captured the pretty little virgins for their own sexual gratification, and they captured some healthy looking males to work as slaves. All this was done under direct orders from God, and that's why Moses, Joshua, Saul, Gideon, David and Solomon competed to see who could murder the most people.

That's why to this day Jews believe they have the God given right to drive Palestinians off their land and into horrible refugee camps. God instructed them to drive "aliens" out of the "promised land". This instruction was given to Abraham in the form of a "covenant" – a divine contract between God and the Jewish people.

Now here's the odd thing; Muslims worship the same God as the Jews, and Abraham is one of their prophets. Allah – the deity they bend a knee to five times a day, every day of their lives – is Yahweh, or Jehovah. Same God, different name. They worship the God that orders Jews to murder Palestinians. They revere the prophet Abraham to whom God gave the command to drive out "aliens".

So the question begs, how come Muslims are so upset when Jews obey their God? Muslims have plenty to complain about – the occupation of their lands, first by the Turks, then by the British and now by Americans. But their main gripe, the reason for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, was because of the atrocities being committed by Jews in Palestine.

Instead of lobbing bombs into Israel, Palestinians should take this matter up with their God – "Allah, why did you instruct the Jews to slaughter us?" And Muslims around the world should ask themselves, why did Mohammed instruct them to worship the God of the Jews – the God of Hate, War, Misery and Death? There are thousands of gods to choose from, why did Mohammed choose the one who loathes, detests and despises everyone on the planet who isn't a Jew?

Here in Australia the Jews are no problem. The fundamentalists with their silly hats, peculiar hair and curly wurly sideburns look as stupid as they do everywhere else in the world but they're no threat. Jews have settled into their own communities but they mingle amongst us and they fit in just fine. Oh sure there are some people who hate Jews, but there are some people who hate "abbos" and some people who hate "poms" and so on. Some people are filled with hatred and they just need a target.

There are Muslim clerics like that. They're here, there and everywhere. They were ecstatic when almost three thousand people died on September 11th 2001. Again when the trains exploded on Madrid station, when bombs exploded on Bali, when bombs exploded in London and when tourists were slaughtered in a Mumbai hotel. These Muslim clerics thrive on atrocity. And here's the problem, they goad young people to commit similar atrocities all around the world. And while plots are hatched to murder hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent people, so-called moderate Muslims keep silent. If their sons and brothers are killed in a bomb atrocity they will celebrate because he has become a "martyr". Moderates will deny it but that is a fact. Secretly, EVERY Muslim champions Muslim domination of the world. It's burned into their brains.

" Men who believe absurdities will commit atrocities."

And why not? Throughout most of its history it was burned into Christian brains that Christianity should dominate. But Christianity has been tamed. It has been dragged kicking, screaming, writhing and spitting venom to the negotiating table. Not so long ago people like me were tortured, hanged, drowned or burned at the stake for saying the sort of things I now say. Heretics were fair game in Chrisendom then, same as they are in Islamic countries today. Millions of so called heretics died horribly trying to introduce compassion and reason to the church. Christianity's reign of terror began when "Saint" Peter forced people to "give up their ghosts" for not donating money to his fledgling church. He murdered them. And to this day, "witches" are still being hanged and burned to death in Christian Africa. Little boys are being mutilated for being "demons". The Christian church still protects kiddie-fucking priests, (eh George), it still drives young homosexuals to suicide and it still degrades and demeans women, but by and large the Christian Church in Australia behaves itself. Another hundred or so years and Christianity could become quite a civilized, humane and decent religion.

Not so Islam. Islam is six hundred years behind Christianity and it will be a very long time before it becomes a civilized, humane and decent religion. Moderate Muslims say, "Remember, it was Islam that gave you algebra". Yes well, Hitler gave us the Volkswagen. Islam will remain a dreadful, bloodthirsty, murdering religion for the foreseeable future, just like Judaism was for the first fifteen hundred years of its existence and just like Christianity was for the first nineteen hundred years of its existence.

We should not be fooled by moderate Muslims. Moderates traditionally and historically stand by doing nothing while fanatics take over. Those sweet looking, intelligent and well spoken young women who appear on programs like "Insight" insisting that Islam is a religion of peace are lying. They are able to drive their own car to the studio, appear on television and express their opinion, thanks NOT to Islam but thanks to the blood of millions of murdered heretics who fought through the ages for the rights of men and women. Those gentle Muslim women do not represent true Islam. They do do not represent the hundreds of mutilated women in hospitals throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan recovering from horrific burns due to acid being thrown in their faces by God-loving husbands and brothers. They do not represent Muslim women being buried up to their necks and stoned to death for being raped.

Those sweet looking, intelligent and well spoken young women who appear on programs like "Insight" are frauds. They are fake. They are bogus. From the safety of Christian secular Australia they deny the horror of brutal, diabolical Islam. The only honest Muslims are the hate-filled sheiks and imans and other clerics who, to their credit, have the courage to speak the truth, or what they perceive to be the truth. They announce for all the world to hear that Muslims must slaughter non believers and that Islam will conquer the world. Those courageous but evil clerics are influencing impressionable young Muslims all around the world. The question for us in Australia is, how far should we allow them to go? How much violence should we allow Muslims to get away with until we put a stop to it?

And how tolerant should we be of jihad recruitment? Most of us would be horrified to discover a local bookshop selling books and videos instructing young Jews and Christians to murder Muslims. Such a bookshop would be closed down within days of its opening. But in Liverpool and Lakemba there are bookshops selling books and videos encouraging young Muslims to rise up and join the war against Jews, Christians and other non-believers. The police are powerless to act without directions from our politicians but our politicians are too gutless to deal with it. They might loose votes, and so "cultural sensitivity" rules and to hell with the lives of innocent bomb victims.

(There again, seeing as the Old Testament and the Quran instruct Jews and Muslims to murder each other, and to murder everyone who chooses not to be a Jew or a Muslim, perhaps it's futile banning 21st century sequels.)

And there's old Keyser Trad, spokesman for the Islamic Council or some such, he gets paid to make excuses for Islamic criminals. He knows full well that jihadi books and videos are being sold to young Muslims yet he remains as silent about it as our our own gutless politicians.

Sooner or later an atrocity will occur on Australian soil. And you can picture, in advance of the event, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, hands on their hearts, tears in their eyes, bleating on about how appalled they are, what a dreadful thing it is... blah... blah ...blah... But if you ask them why they didn't act while they had the chance they will dodge and duck and sleaze and slime, anything rather than admit they didn't have the guts to act. "Oh dearie dearie no, it would have been so Pauline Hanson to take the matter seriously." And that is a major part of the problem, anyone who takes this matter seriously is labeled a racist.

I believe we should wake up and take action NOW. The longer we leave it, the harder it will be. Or perhaps what we should do is keep a close eye on developments in Britain and France and as the problem escalates there, and it will, consider locking the stable door after the Trojan Horse has bolted in. Young Lebanese youths are already shouting and screaming about how much they hate "fucking Australians" and how Australia will become a Muslim country. Let's face it, at the moment that's a pipe dream. Muslims represent just over two percent of the Australian population so they've got a long way to go. But with our birth rate going down and their birth rate going up, they could achieve it in six generations. However, with massive immigration they could achieve it in far less. By them Enoch Powell's prediction of blood flowing on the streets will apply not only to Britain, but to here also. Is that what we want for our grand children?

I believe we should bring immigration from Muslim countries to a complete halt NOW. Not just for our sakes but for their sakes too. No one wants to live in a society where people are being murdered on the streets – peace loving Sunnis murdering peace loving Shiites, peace loving Shiites murdering peace loving Sunnis, both of them murdering us and us murdering them. No, we don't want to become like bombed out Beirut or down-town Baghdad. Muslims will never take over Australia. If anything Australia will end up predominantly an Asian country. But what we need is a peaceful transition from whatever we are at the moment to whatever we become in the future. To achieve that we need to halt Islam in its tracks.

(As I write this, on the news tonight – peace loving Pakistani bombers have blown up a mosque killing seventy-one fellow Muslims and wounding many more including children. Apparently it was the deadliest attack in Pakistan since a devout Muslim slaughtered sixty people at a Shiite Muslim rally in the city of Quetta two months ago.)

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Footnote: In 1930, nine years before the outbreak of World War Two, Enoch Powell warned Britain that it was headed for World War Two. Along with Winston Churchill, he was branded a "warmonger". Nine years later Britons were informed that Hitler did not want war, in fact Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain promised the British "Peace in our time!" As a result, Britain left it to the last few months to re-arm and it came within a hair's breadth of being defeated, along with all of Europe.

The moral of this story is that sometimes optimists and appeasers are your worst enemies. Fifty million people died and many times that number were blinded and crippled thanks to optimists and appeasers. Sometimes it pays to engage your brain and heed a warning.

Question: Has any Muslim parent stopped to wonder where all the virgins are coming from? If every Muslim martyr gets seventy-two of them, that's an awful lot of young Muslim pussy required. How does a Muslim mother whose young daughter dies prematurely, feel about her being fucked stupid by some heartless, mass murdering swine, not just for a year or two, but for eternity? Or perhaps in heaven martyrs are allowed to rape dead infidel chicks. This needs to be looked into.

Finally, I've argued for years that the way to deal with terrorism is with psychology, not guns and bombs. Introduce doubt, warn potential terrorists that instead of seventy-two virgins they'll get seventy-two poisonous serpents for eternity. Christians outnumber Muslims two to one. Every Christian and Jew should pray to their God and ask him to reward terrorists with seventy-two vipers. Cast doubt and confusion in the minds of would-be terrorists. They're willing to commit atrocities because they've been promised eternal joy and sexual spendour. Paint a picture in their minds of a deep pit from which there is no escape, ever, filled with cobras, rattle snakes and taipans. The power of the imagination is immense, without it there would be no religion. All you have to do is replace one image with another. Even if they don't one hundred percent believe the new image, will they risk it? Some might but most won't. Altogether now, start praying...

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