I don't know much but I do know this:

1. The Bible is anything but a "good book". The Bible is a diabolical, disgusting, cruel, abominable compilation of the most dreadful, horrible, evil and perverted tales ever assembled.

2. The Jew God Yahweh, or Jehovah, is not the real deal. Jehovah is a bogus deity fabricated by ignorant and brutal savages. JHWH is a hideous, sadistic, bloodthirsty and merciless deity. Jehovah enjoys nothing more than murdering innocent people, particularly children. The sooner the world rids itself of the Jew ghoul the closer we'll move towards peace and harmony on Earth.

3. If there is such a thing as an intelligent creator of the universe then by definition the one thing it would possess is intelligence. It would not be a gormless flea god with a brain of no bigger than a speck of dust. It would not boast that it can fart so loud that its farts can be heard miles away. I mean, c'mon Christians, this is the creator of the universe we're talking about here, not some crude, juvenile schoolboy. It would not expose its back parts to Moses, nor to anyone else for that matter. It would not encourage ignorant fools to slit the throats of children and animals to make it feel important and it would not prefer the aroma of roast flesh to that of freshly picked oranges.

It would not teach men to dig latrines, it would not be concerned with the shape of men's beards or the cut of their cassocks. It would not hiss, roar, breath smoke, nor drop hot coals on people below. It would not be so despicable and disgusting as to give men hemorrhoids, threaten to wipe excrement on people's faces, force men to drink their own urine and eat their own shit. It would not be so racist as to choose one insignificant tribe of murderous savages to be its chosen people. It would not be so evil as to slaughter thousands of Egyptians just for a laugh, hardening pharaoh's heart so as to prolong the cruel death game. Ho Ho Ho – what a laugh.

It would not drown millions of innocent people simply because some adults displeased it. It would not burn to a cinder cities echoing with the laughter of innocent children. It would not have forty-two mischievous children ripped apart by wild bears simply to teach them a lesson. It would not order its chosen butchers to "Slaughter every man, woman, child and baby – Let none survive!". If there is such a thing as a creator then it would be a billion, trillion, zillion times more intelligent, caring and decent then that depraved, diabolical, disgusting, heartless piece of maggot shit described in the Bible – the miniaturized flea god referred to by Christians as merciful father.

4. The Old Testament patriarchs and heroes – Moses, Joshua, Saul, Jude, David, Solomon, Gideon etc – were evil, bloodthirsty savages. Their atrocities knew no bounds and were they alive today they would be hunted down and tried for crimes against humanity. God's favourite people, those he saved while drowning and burning countless others, were the lowest of the low. Noah was a drunken slob, Lot raped his own daughters, and Abraham – the principle Jew – was a pimp. Sarah, Abraham's wife, was forced into prostitution so that big Abe could walk away from Egypt with wealth and a big smile on his ugly gob. David – King of the Jews – was a rapist, a murderer and a sadistic torturer. Peter, 'the rock' upon which the Catholic Church is built was a murdering swine who forced people to "give up their ghosts" if they withheld money from his fledgling crime syndicate. "Saint" Peter was the archetype Mafiosi.

5. The Jesus that Christians worship has nothing whatsoever to do with the rabbi Yeshua who may once have lived and preached. The Christian Jesus was entirely fabricated by the demented charlatan Saul of Tarsus whose "vision" along the road to Damascus – brought on either by thirst and/or amanita muscaria mushrooms – is all we have to go on. Just one fleeting glimpse of a deceased phantom. Saul's scribes stirred pagan tales of miracles, virgin birth, resurrection and a walking corpse into the brew and before long the Frankenstein bolt-on "christ" was let loose on a gullible public.

6. The book known as Revelation was written by a schizophrenic psychopath on a bad day. His illness was so advanced that were he alive today he would be incarcerated in a mental institution for his own safety. His rantings and ravings about falling stars, whores, fire, blood, 666 beast with seven horns and ten crowns plus a bloody Jesus cruising around with a sword protruding from his mouth were kept well away from the Bible until 1649. Why they were eventually stitched in we'll never know but they have convinced Christian America that World War Three is inevitable and even desirable. That is bad voodoo at a time when North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel and Palestine are in a state of national and religious fervour and weapons of mass destruction are readily available to the highest bidder.

7. Over the centuries, millions, if not billions, of innocent people have been tortured, hanged, drowned or burned to death because of Christianity. Families have been torn apart, wars have been fought, nations have been destroyed and every atrocity known to man has been employed. Countless individuals have been persecuted, marginalized, driven insane or driven to suicide. Saul's Jesus is not the prince of peace he is the demon of misery, pain and terror. He laughs hysterically while ushering all of mankind towards the lake of eternal fire. Well, he would if he could.

8. Prayer fails. Christians know that nothing fails like prayer. That's why when they're sick they avail themselves to mankind's medical SCIENCE. Prayer is no more effective than crossing your fingers, hoping that your operation goes well. Millions of gullible people flock to Lourdes looking for a miracle cure. The Virgin Mary who entertains only those wealthy enough to travel to France while ignoring the millions of sick peasants in Brazil and the Phillipines, is a flop. Less than one documented cure per year. My local green grocer could achieve a greater result by ramming a cucumber up their arseholes. Every alleged cure is the result of an illness going into remission which happens naturally in the real world. Never in the history of so-called miracles has anyone been cured of spina bifida. If one million Christians prayed day and night for ten years to cure just one child of spina bifida the result would be 100% failure. If I'm wrong, how come Christians busy themselves with every trivial pursuit under the sun rather than devoting their lives to prayer?

9. Due to Yahweh ordering Abraham and his descendants to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan and to murder everyone who resists we are now engaged in a war without end. It's all downhill from here. Ongoing terrorism, shock invasions, collapsing economies. There will be no peace in the world until the Jews are forced to return the land they stole and continue to steal from the Palestinians. It'll be tricky because god is on both sides and he loves seeing blood spilled. It's the one thing that really turns him on.

10. Despite all the talk of freedom and liberty the human race can't abide either. Humans need to cower and grovel. Hitler was 100% accurate when he said "Give people freedom and they know not what to do with it!" Without gods, christs and so called strong leaders to bow down to and serve, humans would suffer an acute form of heebie jeebies. The idea that they are on their own with no one to grovel to and worship terrifies them.

11. That is why, despite all the advances of modern science and education, most people still clamor for the false security of gods, christs and ghost riders in the sky. They will kill and/or die for their phantoms. Worse, they will sacrifice their children to the Great Tribulations that will surely follow due to the dumbing down of humans worshiping the God of War and his sick, eye-gouging, castrating, sexophobic hell-obsessed demon seed.

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