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i'll bite :) is the machine still a) serviceable ; and b) 4 sale?
2366 [L[Days Ago]]
Anyone interested in catching up in Perth. hosting in Hotel room, CBD.  Let me know, bi_mike30@hotmail.com
2693 [L[Days Ago]]
Hi gurls and guys.
2843 [L[Days Ago]]
can i cum?
2900 [L[Days Ago]]
Samantha and i will be at arrows on friday the 10th september dressed and ready to rock and roll. christy
2907 [L[Days Ago]]
  love to come a long let me know!  great honey i have sent you my number t
2912 [L[Days Ago]]
love to come a long let me know!
2913 [L[Days Ago]]
2 hot cdchix hosting group fun tuesday and thursday nights in the inner west Christy
2915 [L[Days Ago]]
Hi,   Hope you dont mind a really late reply on this post, as we have just seen it. Firstly, to anyone readin
2934 [L[Days Ago]]
Looking for gals to spend next wednesday 9th june for night out and fun timesfor my birthday in sydney/central coa
3003 [L[Days Ago]]
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