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Worldwide politics
Is Obama the new enemy?[L[created by KellyWilde 3258 days ago]] · [L[last reply by KellyWilde 3230 days ago]]IN RESPONSE TO A MESSAGE ON THE CIRCLE OF ATHENA MEETUP GROUP
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The war against terrorism - or something...[L[created by KellyWilde 3285 days ago]] · [L[last reply by KellyWilde 3277 days ago]]Can anyone explain the real purpose behind the ongoing invasion of Afghanistan? Apparently we've given up on Osama bin Laden ...
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Pope the dope[L[created by KellyWilde 3290 days ago]] · [L[last reply by KellyWilde 3290 days ago]]The keeper of the Office of the Inquisition - Pope Gregory - is in Africa instructing Catholic Africans not to use condoms - ...
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Arab angst[L[created by KellyWilde 3370 days ago]] · [L[last reply by KellyWilde 3370 days ago]]I wish those damned Palestinians would stop making such a fuss about being driven off their land!
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Osama bin Laden[L[created by KellyWilde 3373 days ago]] · [L[last reply by KellyWilde 3373 days ago]]Is it true he's been invited to Barack Obama's swearing in ceremony?
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