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Judgments and Real People
[L[Quote]] · 3226 days ago · [L[-1 points]] ·

                                     Hmmmm...I have been on a number of websites for a few of years now.  I have been a T-girl all that time and then some. I have tried to as honest as I am, maybe too honest for my own good.

                                    But, what I have found over that time is, the unacceptable "moral judgements", of quite a few "punters",  on all these sites...especially from, couples and married guys, who seem to think, they are "God's gift" to us, out of the closet T's.

                                    What am I getting at?.... Well, an example happened the other day....A couple, who are listed here, contacted me.....not the other way around, they contacted me.... for a meet...... Numerous emails, back and forth happened, to make sure there were no hidden agendas were held by either party.

                                    Now, the meeting over dinner happened, I was well presented and the best of manners were on show etc...I even paid for the whole event...hmmm...I thought, that, it was good manners to do so, as they had driven a far way to attend......After the meal, it was shake ya hand, a quick peck on the cheek, only to be left on the footpath in the rain outside the restaurant......Hmmmm.

                                   The next day, I received an email, telling me how nice and clean I was, but due to my so called "life style" and so called "frequent partners", I was not suitable.....Hmmmmmm......Very angry at first, then after a couple of days, cooled down. I can accept rejection, not a problem, but not once, in this meeting can I recall myself ever bragging about the number of lovers I have had, nor can I recall,  these people, ever talking about "safe sex" at all.

                                  Now, for these people,  to make a moral judgment on myself, in less than three hours, is a real slap in the face indeed....I maybe a slut, but I am a safe one, I am very choosy, who I might have sex with and I do practise safe sex, BUT, above all, I do have my dignity.

                                 Now, I will get onto the married guys...You deadbeats expect us to jump through hoops so you can get your jollies off with us.

                                 Most married guys who contact me, want to meet, during working hours only. I have to supply: The venue, The time... convenient to you, and curiously, femme attire, for you to wear?.... Once here, it's, "were is the gear? and I want you to fuck me"...What the..?

                                 I even had a guy who wanted me to be available every morning at 5AM, fully femme dressed, ready to have sex with him, as it fitted into his bike ride in my area every morning!

                                Yesterday, another married guy advertised, on another website, for sex with a Trannie, email supplied, I was horny and replied....After an hour of bloody cyber sex...and you bastards are renowned for that too.....I explained, I had no transport on a number of occasions...only to be confronted with.."Lets meet half way, in a park, for sex in your car"........What, can I not make myself understood or something? Am I communicating in Mongolian or something? Then, he got all pissed off because I would not comply with HIS wishes....Am I missing something here? Then,  I was called all sorts of nasty things!

                                Then, there are the married guys who join websites, with pictures of themselves, dressed up, wishing to meet...but, when they contact, you soon realised, those pictures are not even them at all....hmmmm....and really, there was no intention on their part,  to ever meeting you at all.

                                Or, if it is them, you are wearing your wife's underwear, without her, even knowing about your secret habits...One can always tell who they are, because,  "Discretion is a must" with these guys

                               Well, here is some screaming headline news for you creeps! Every women knows when some-one had touched their underwear in the draw! They have a unique ability, to know, when some-one, has even opened the draw, where their panties are kepted...so, don't think you are fooling them, because the shoe is on the other foot baby...ha, ha

                               You know, I am getting sick of you dickheads,  who just cannot get through your thick heads, I, and other T's, are not on this planet just to please you!

                                I resent your,  "high and mighty" attitudes, so that,  you,  can cheat on your partners...and that's just what it is...plane and simple.

                              Then, for you guys, to stand a very tall soapbox and preach to me about MY morals....Well, maybe you should, one, GET A GRIP ON REALITY, and two,  Take a good hard look at your own morals first,  before coming to any judgements about any-one else! 

                               I really don't care if I have upset anyone with this, but let's get one thing straight, here and now,  before closing....I KNOW ....WHO AND WHAT I AM....I don't need any-one making any moral judgements about me....YOU do not live my life! And I certainly do not want to live yours! I am no better, nor am I,  any worst than anybody else...I treat people as equals, all the time and I expect the same in return.

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well do my gurl

[L[Quote]] · 3226 days ago · [L[0 points]] ·

I think it's important for all of us to realise that 90% of what you see and read here is pure fantasy. Guys (in particular) fantasise about this, that and the other but when push comes to shove, nothing comes of it.

There is a clash between fantasy and reality. There's one person on this site who was keen to meet me recently but due to a number of reasons the original idea got changed and watered down until (for me anyway) the excitement went out of it. Keeping that excitement alive is a challenge, especially face to face in a restaurant. No matter how well presented you are, your chances of living up to their unrealistic expectations were slim. You talk about this that and the other and before long the fantasy dies.

I've all but given up meeting people one-on-one unless we get straight down to the sex, no mucking around beforehand. I know several guys and gurls who do well from this site but it's usually because they get down to the sex almost immediately.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to express your feelings. All I can do is wish you better luck next time.

XXX Kelly


[L[Quote]] · 3225 days ago · [L[1 points]] ·

Hi Kelly,

             Thanks for your point of view and I whole heartily agree. I wasn't angry at rejection...God! Been there, Done that before and it will happen again...Who really cares! 

            What I was getting at in my tirade was, people who make preconceived and twisted judgments about others, that, they don't even know, is what gets me angry.

              I mean, why are these people even on these websites contacting honest people for sex, then after a few emails and maybe a meet, then walk away saying your not acceptable because of your lifestyle?

              Der...I am on this website because of my lifestyle and most people are here for the same reason. Why even bother in the first place?

              Hands up, all the people here, who have only one gay experience in their lives, and their partner, in that experience, wore six condoms and a full body wet suit during the act? Then, went to the Doctor, had every test for STD's known to man and has now got certificates, signed by The Pope, they don't have AIDS or HIV?

              If one person, here, on this site can say, "Yes, I have all that", I will pass on, who, that couple is, because that is what they are looking for and what is required by them.

             And if one person can convince me this is In their sexual resume, I will bare my arse in any main street in Australia in peek hour, on any Friday, for all to see!

             Look, all I ask here, is for people be more realistic in thier judgements, don't contact and make promises I cannot keep. You don't know me at all, so keep your moralistic views to yourself and get real in your expectations of others. My time and space is important to me...just like yours. Just don't waste my time with none events and your fantasies.


[L[Quote]] · 3222 days ago · [L[0 points]] ·

Here is my two bobs worth.


I just get pissed off with guys that don't turn up after you have done a hundred emails back and fourth, spent god knows how long getting yourself tarted up and they don't show up.



[L[Quote]] · 2964 days ago · [L[1 points]] ·

hey  hey  ,  how true  seems  sex  is the only  criteria  ,what  ever  happpened  to meet  and chat    be  great friends,it  doesnt  happen   which is what i would like and as  for  men  standing  on moral  high  ground they  cant anyway   if  they  did  they would not freqent  sites  like  this  or  give it a second thought  on sites  as this  all  you see  is  cocks   apart  from a  few    no  sex    they  dont  want to know  you, that  is  it  ive come  across  a lot  im  not  anti  sex  ,not at  all  but  feel there  is more to life   what  comes ,comes  in its own time  getting to know a person  is important    


Does  any  one  agree  with  me

[L[Quote]] · 2960 days ago · [L[0 points]] ·

Not sure really, Bejewelled, there's nothing wrong with JUST sex for sex sake. Most of the guys who attend my parties are with married or involved in a relationship. They're not looking for friendships, they just want to suck a few cocks, fuck a sissy pussy, and return to their domestic "bliss".

People are more likely to form friendships at work, at their sports club or even at their church. Also, I run six Meetup groups, four of which are strictly friendship.

[L[Quote]] · 2780 days ago · [L[0 points]] ·



Hope you dont mind a really late reply on this post, as we have just seen it. Firstly, to anyone reading this post, we weren't the couple Barbara is talking about...just wanted to clear that up as we dont see many couples here. Secondly, weagree with what alot of what you said. In our circmstace, we both play together always...never cheat behind our partners back. Yes, we do have fantasies involving T-girls, but unlike alot of people, we actually partake in fulfilling those fantasies. We believe in mutual play and respect, no matter what sexual orientation someone is...and we certainly dont put our morals (or even lack of morals) on anyone else.


For the people we do eventually meet on this site, our admiration goes out to you as it can be a bit daunting to meet a couple whilst you are dressed. Saying that, for us, we enjoy the person for who they are, what ever orientation or fantasy/fetish they enjoy. The best part for us is enjoying the pleasure that playing with others (and learning/experiencing different things).


Barbara, our thoughts go our to you regarding your meet with that couple. Pls always remember that there are genuine couples out there as well...sometimes it just takes a while to find them :)


J & T

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