The private club for cock-loving sissies, guys, girls and couples.

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I've started work on a new web site. In the meantime I'll keep Follies Bizarre going.
All current subscriptions will be honoured, in fact you'll end up
with a subscription to both sites.

Ciao4now, Kelly

Cyber sex is all very well but from time to time it's nice to share sex with other people. I have a plan. I call it my 'Three Steps to Heaven' plan. Reason – this plan is in three parts.

THE WEB SITE: Follies Bizarre is eight years old now, it's looking tired and is badly in need of an upgrade. Even so, it remains a firm favourite for several hundred transvestites and bisexuals. Rather than upgrade I plan to build a new site. I'm going to make it THE best adult site on the net. "Oh Kelly, you're dreaming!" No I'm not. The only thing stopping me is lack of funds. With money I can employ the worlds top web site builders. I've seen examples of their work. It's mind blowing.

THE PUSSY CLUB: Once the new web site is up and running, (it is ready now - see link below) it'll cost just $50 a year to subscribe and that money will go towards creating our own sex-on-the-premises club. Nothing like as vast as Aarows, more a private internet cafe with dark and sleazy rooms upstairs for fun and games. THE PUSSY CLUB will be open 24/7 and there will be theme nights for couples, trannies and speciality groups. All members will be welcome at all times but there will be a change of emphasis on certain days and nights. The location of the club hasn't been decided yet but it will be closer to town than my place and near a mainline railway station.

NETWORK MARKETING: Some people love it while others hate it. The way I've got this planned there will be no losers. Some people will earn more than others, depending on the effort they put into it, but no one will lose out. It will be a rewards program for people who introduce new members to the club. Once we've got the Sydney club up and running we'll open a club in Melbourne, then Brisbane, followed by other states. We're looking a couple of years down the track but eventually there'll be a PUSSY CLUB in every state and eventually overseas too.

Yes it's a big plan but the only thing that can prevent it happening is apathy. If you want it you can have it. And you can have it all for a tiny investment, just one hundred dollars, once. And here's the kicker – the first 20 to subscribe will get their own key to the Sydney Pussy Club premises!

It's gotta be good for you!

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