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Famous gay celebrity Quentin Crisp once said, "Auto-eroticism soon ceases to be what it is for most people – an admitted substitute for sexual intercourse. It is sexual intercourse which becomes a substitute – and a poor one – for masturbation!"

All very well, but from time to time it's nice to share sex with other people. My own parties have provided opportunities for Sydney crossdressers, couples and bisexual men this past sixteen years but I've always wanted to provide more. I want us to have our own venue; somewhere you can visit any time 24/7. I don't envisage a huge place like Aarows, more like a small and comfortable internet cafe with rooms upstairs for changing and misbehaving. First Sydney then Melbourne followed by other states.

I tried this once before and made a couple of mistakes. I've learned from that experience and I know what is needed to make a sexcess of this. First we need twenty 'seed investors' – i.e. people who are prepared to kick in a bit of money. Not a fortune, under $200 each. These people will form the club management and as such they will each get their own key to the premises. Everyone else will pay $20 a month for membership. For more info join the Meetup Group.

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