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  •  pussywhippedbad: 

    Hi Babe, ova all from checkin your Smokin Hott pics u r stunning and someone I could easily become really close good friends and hopefully more if things click if we end up meeting up somewhere specail like a quality hotel of your chose and play dress ups all night long being sexy kinky gurls enjoying doin anything u wanna try with me and I will try anything with a stunningly beautiful and very classy and so lady like that id think about cumming out the closest not that im Gay cause I dont like men dressed as men I love men who know that they love sexy men that love to dress as sexy hott women and suprise me with a tasty clean hott hard cock to enjoy all night playing kinky fun wild but naughty roleplay and jus lovin each other for who they r and the sexy very lady like hunny that im pritty sure id take home to be honest with my mum and tell her this is wat I enjoy mum and thats Sexy Shemales, Trannys and CDs and that if u would help me to be honest with myself id cum out with the right sexy babe like u gourgous. .. Hope your interested in a new play friend or maybe more if we enjoy each others company which from wats I can see there will be no complaints here case im loving everything that u have to offer and I mean everything. Hope u like my messages and wanna cum play babe drop me a line u beautiful sexy woman xxxx Jane

     1348 days ago 
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