Get Fit, Get in Shape, Get Happy!

Twenty years ago I had a brilliant idea, then like most of my brilliant ideas I sat on it until it was squashed. The idea was to create a new dance craze, a cross between country/western boot scooting and Latin American.

Now why would anyone do a silly thing like that? Well, because I can't stand country/western music. OK, a little bit now and again is OK, Johnny Cash, Shania Twain... no problemo. But most of it has me rushing to the loo to throw up. And yet boot scooting looks fun.

So I tried boot scooting to a Samba, and guess what – it works. At the time I was running a singles' club called Amigos and I told my members about this amazing discovery. They were shocked, horrified – "You can't boot scoot to Latin American, it's got to be country/western". Stupidly I listened to them.

So here we are, twenty years later and I'm going to give it a go. It'll be really flexible, not just Latin American but a mix of Rock 'n' Roll, Reggae, Nutbush City Limits and modern music. Whatever works.

Am I a qualified dance instructor? No, I haven't a clue what I'm doing. We'll work on this together. My original name for this freestyle of dancing was 'Zamba', like, based on the Samba, but 'Zamba' domain name has been registered, besides which it's a bit too close to Zumba which has sprung up in the meantime. So Xamba it is, like Xerox, spelled with an X but pronounced with a Z.

We're starting off with two meetings each week, 2pm every Tuesday at the Dundas Community Centre, and 7pm every Wednesday at the Brush Park Bowling Club. It'll be free to begin with but once we've figured out what we're doing and we've got the routines down pat I'll be charging $5 a head for the evening session. Everybody can afford that, and right now I'm living on the memory of a smell of an oily rag. Premium members of Dundas Dynamos pay nothing.

You don't need a partner. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome. I'm nearly seventy so don't let age put you off. The older you are the more you need this!

Here's an opportunity to Get Fit, Get in Shape, and have FUN!

Ciao4now, Doug

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